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Fitbit Is The Best Company @fitbit |

Fitbit is the best Company @fitbit

simple-b-cssdisabled-jpg-h363510ef059f56bb368a27e5f18232f9-pack For the last three years I have been a loyal Fitbit user and fan of the company and today just proved why. In March of last year Larry bought me a new Fitbit to replace the one I had for two years that quit on me, and recently my battery will not keep a charge for more than 2 days. Which is unusual because usually if I charge my fitbit flex it will keep a charge for around a week at a time. Well I contacted fitbit yesterday in regards to my battery, and they were able to see from my data that my battery was not keeping a charge, and are sending me a free battery out today.

That was awesome their customer service was simply amazing, they emailed me back within 12 hours, and I did not have to provide my receipt. All they needed from me was an approximate date it was purchased and where it was purchased and they were able to track it and confirm that information. It was so hassle free, they have made me a Fitbit customer for life!

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