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Fall In Love With Fitness |

Fall In Love With Fitness

image2 So it is now fall and it is time to get back on the fitness roll and back to working out and getting to the gym, but with it getting darker out and getting chilly out it sometimes can be hard. Think about it we go to work when it is dark out and get off when it is dark out, it can be hard to get motivated. It can be hard to think about bundling up to go the gym or go for a walk but we need to get motivated!

Here are some tips that might help motivate you, & me to get more motivated to fall back into excercise.

Finding the perfect gym:

This sounds easier said then done right, I mean not too many love going to the gym. But finding a gym that fits your needs and makes you feel welcome when you walk in the door will help keep you motivated. Whether you are looking for a gym that is open 24 hours to suite your working hours, or maybe you are looking for a gym with great classes to choose from. Personally my favorite is Planet Fitness, the thing I love about this gym is it is affordable at just $10 a month, the equipment is new and the gym is always clean. Also even when I was severally obese I never felt judged when I would walk in the door. Another key to your success at the gym is having a partner or friend join with you this will help to motivate you!

Insurance Benefits:

Did you know most insurance companies will give you a break on your premiums by proving that you have a gym membership this is a huge benefit to joining a gym and falling back into fitness.

Treat yourself:

Make working out and getting healthy more fun by setting a goal for yourself with a treat such as a new outfit, or maybe a girl’s night out with some drinks. Or maybe a day at the spa or getting your nails done! By allowing yourself some treats for working out it might help to keep you motivated to keep going!

Get Some New Workout Gear:

Lets face it working out sometimes we don’t look our best, but why not treat yourself monthly to a new workout outfit that is cute, comfortable and might help keep you motivated to keep working out.

Break out the Tunes:
For me walking can get boring but I tend to jazz it up by plugging in the earphones and jamming to my favorite tunes especially upbeat songs can really motivate you whether you are simply walking or working out at the gym. You will rarely see me working out without my music jamming in my ears just helps to keep me going!


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  1. I loved your blog, very good tips!

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