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Would You Have Gastric Bypass Again? |

Would You Have Gastric Bypass Again?

12507104_10206773206903026_1318717337436948961_n By far this is the number one question I get asked from people whom are interested in possibly having weight loss surgery themselves. My answer every-time to this question is a resounding YES!!! The reason everyone chooses to have gastric bypass is different for everyone, mine was simple it was to save my life, and to start living my life for the first time.

For me personally I had stopped living my life, I had locked myself away in my home for over fifteen years living in a unhealthy marriage and I had pretty much given up on me. My days were spent caring for my girls and making sure they had a good life, but I had given up on myself in my early twenties. Which if you think about it is truly very sad. While I saw people on Facebook going on hikes or walks, riding on roller coasters and going on vacations I was stuck in my house living vicariously through them. When one day I decided enough was enough, I wanted to live my life and do things like that.

Yes I was like most Americans I had tried every diet known to man, but if I was to be completely honest I don’t think I ever stuck with a diet or eating plan in my life. When I would see results I would get excited but then slowly old habits would creep back in and once again I was living the easy life instead of working on losing the weight.

While I did have a few complications from having gastric bypass and still to do this day there are a few things I can’t eat such as Ice cream, any Starbucks drink, some dairy products, dry meat such as well done steaks or thick pork chops. Also things that are really sweet still tear me up, but the way I look at it those things are not the best for me anyway. The things I have gained since having my surgery far out weigh the extra surgery to remove my gall bladder or the foods I can no longer eat.


I have gained:

  • My freedom
  • My life
  • Being able to walk miles at a time
  • Being able to go to a amusement park
  • Being able to keep up with my kids and my family
  • Never having to say NO when someone wants to do something with me
  • Never having to worry if I can walk to a store without the assistance of a shopping cart
  • Never having to worry if I smell because of sweat and sores from the fat
  • Never having to worry that if I had a bowel movement that I might not be able to clean myself properly. YES that was a real and humiliating thing. My stomach was so large that it was difficult if not impossible to clean myself properly without jumping into the shower.
  • Never having to worry that I can’t run after and catch my grandson
  • Never having to worry about finding clothes that fit
  • Never having to worry about buying a car that I can fit into and still reach the peddles and steering wheel
  • Never having to worry about insensitive people making fun of me when I am out in public
  • Never having to worry that my kids are embarrassed to be seen with me

So when I weigh out just some of the positives listed above my answer will always be YES I am glad I had surgery, it saved my life and I would do it over and over and over again!




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