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Stop The Viscous Cycle Of The Weight Loss Wagon |

Stop the Viscous Cycle of The Weight Loss Wagon

falling_off_wagon So many of us let life get in the way and get in the way of our weight loss goals, I am just as guilty as you are. But one thing we need to stop using the phrase “I fell off the weight loss wagon”. Millions of people are just like us in their own struggle to either lose a few founds or maybe more than a few pounds. But using the term falling off the weight loss wagon sounds so negative when actually the weight loss wagon can be positive.

The term weight loss wagon tends to haunt a lot of us in feeling bad about our choices and decisions and thus being hard and condescending on ourselves. When we use the term I fell off the weight loss wagon it tends to make us feel like once again we are failures, not in control of our eating and maybe a little hopeless. This in turn then effects our self esteem, self confidence, self love and ultimately effects your life can cause you to gain more weight by eating away your frustrations.

Alot of us follow a strict diet or eating plan and then we have one slip or eat the wrong thing than we automatically use the term I fell off the wagon. Making this term a very negative one in the weight loss community. So instead of beating yourself up for making a mistake which is only human, let’s ditch the term of falling off the wagon too. When you ditch the falling off the wagon term you are freeing yourself from being only human and sometimes making a mistake or two in your journey. This will allow you to start living your life in a more healthy fashion, where you are not putting yourself down for making mistake or veering off the weight loss track, and ultimately will encourage you to stay the course.

So let’s discuss why did you eat that something you shouldn’t of, or why did you stop at the fast food restaurant instead of going home and cooking something healthy. By knowing and understanding the WHY’s of why we cheated or steered off the course, we can make changes to correct and not go down that course again. Now you need to decide why you are wanting to loose weight, this is important because when we fall off course remembering the why we started will help keep us motivated on track. The why should be a personal meaning to YOU. My why has been being able to keep up with my family and kids and never having to say NO to a family event because I couldn’t keep up. What is your WHY?

Great examples of WHY’s:

  • I want to lose weight.
  • I want to play with my kids.
  • I want to be healthy & happy.
  • My body hurts with all of this excess weight on it.
  • I’m tired of not being able to keep up.
  • I want to save my life.
  • I want to start to LIVE my life again.

Now that we know our WHY, it is time to set healthy guidelines for yourself to help not only keep yourself motivated but also on your track to weight loss. These guidelines are for YOU only and you should personlize them to you, your lifestyle and also make them attainable. As you create this plan or guideline remember you are in charge of this, you are the boss, so you set the rules. Here are some great examples of guidelines for you:

  • I will not drink soda or high calorie beverages.
  • I will not drink before a meal or right after a meal.
  • I will not stop at fast food restaraunts when I can eat healthier at home.
  • I will find time to workout at least three times a week.
  • If I need to go thru the drive thru I will make healthier choices such as salads or lean chicken.
  • I will eat my protein first at every meal.
  • I will avoid sweets and drink water instead when those nasty cravings come on.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. To often we set high expectations for ourselves and when we fail we consider ourselves failures once again. Don’t do that yourself, make realistic attainable goals and guidelines to only help you to succeed on this journey. Also have flexibility in your guideline remember life gets in the way and we may not be able to follow our guideline perfectly each and every day. When you set unreal or hard expectations you will only succeed in failing. For example if you stay I will not have anymore sweets until I am at my goal weight, this will probably lead to you gorging or overeating on sweets.

Lastly free your home and workplace of things that are going to trigger you to eat unhealthy or fall off track. By not having those items readily available to you, you are less likely to fail. By keeping a healthy environment around you it will only lead to more successful journey.

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