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Prepping Food For Work-Cheap & Healthy |

Prepping Food for Work-Cheap & Healthy

So I have been pretty good about not only sticking to a budget and trying to pinch penny so we can save for things like cruises and trips and one of the ways I do that is packing all of my meals for work ahead of time. Not only does this allow me to be careful of what I am eating, and pushing protein first. But it also helps in keeping my bill lowered and being assured that I am tempted to run out and get something to eat on my lunch hour.

One of the things I got into the bad habit of doing after I got my promotion and moved to my location is just going out for lunch. Not only is this costly but the choices around my work are not the best. Yes we have a subway close by but it always so packed that I could not get there and back in time on most days. So the easy alternative is to pre package my meals throughout the week so I simply grab and go what I need for the day, and then I don’t have to worry about grabbing something fatty or greasy or unhealthy for me. Below is some ideas of what I have packed up this week:


In this container I have pre-packaged celery, carrots, red grapes and broccoli all pre packaged in ziploc bags so I can just grab and go!


In this one I have peanut butter dipping cups which are a great source of protein, also have cheese sticks another great source of protein, and Lite Ranch cups! YUM


In this container I have prepackaged almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin nutri grain bars, and low fat graham crackers and for my hubby his vanilla oreo cookies lol


I always try to keep fresh fruit readily available. This is a must in my household for a few reasons one being when the grandkids come over they love fruit. But also if I am running late for work I can grab some to go and eat it in the car on the way to work.


I feel sorry for my co-workers as Hard Boiled eggs do not smell the best lol But this is my typical breakfast daily I make it up so I have enough for the week and it cost less than $2 a day. Simply boil your eggs and cook up some low fat turkey sausage and you have a high protein breakfast on the go!! When I get to work I remove the eggs and warm up the sausage for 1 minute in the microwave and breakfast is served!

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