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Married Life And The Unhappy 25 Pounds |

Married Life and The Unhappy 25 pounds

13406926_10207827823227775_2356760346074223515_n Everyone warned me, once you get happy and fall in love you get comfortable and you tend to gain the “Happy 25” well I am so sad to admit that it has happened. I met the love of my life, we got married in May and I have gained the happy 25 pounds, but of course it only makes me feel like a failure and it is certainly not “Happy”. So I have two choices I either get off my butt and get back to eating right and back to exercising or I will continue gain weight.

So how did I fall into this nasty trap you ask? Very simply at the very same time I got married I got promoted at work to corporate offices which meant essentially me sitting on my butt all day at a desk. This does not help to keep me active and moving. Combine that with a 45 minute commute a day and my work day is anywhere from 10-12 hours a day which leaves very little time for exercising or going to the gym.

So while I am finally settling into my new job, and my new marriage it is high time to start putting “Angie” first again and get myself back on the wagon. While I still cannot eat large portions I have tended to get lazy in what I eat, which as anyone knows will show up in weight gain. I am not proud of this fact but without facing the reality nothing will change.

So to get back to basics I have taken a few steps from making all my meals that I will be taking to work throughout the week including healthy snacks ahead of time. Also pushing more water, and trying to carve time for exercising even if that means walking at night after dinner. So wish me luck!! Next post I will share about my wedding!


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