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Are You Guilty Of Not Staying Hydrated Enough? |

Are You Guilty Of Not Staying Hydrated Enough?

1202005 Keeping hydrated with water is so essential after weight loss surgery, and I have found myself guilty of sometimes not staying on top of that. Have you also found this to be a problem area for you? Well in this article I am going to share some tips and tricks to maybe help all of us, especially with the summer months right around the corner.

If you are a newbie you maybe finding just getting your daily protein in a real challenge without having to remember to also drink lots of water. It can be so overwhelming at the beginning to say the very least. Alot of times I also find water so boring, so a great tip or trick I have found is to use MIO water supplement or infused waters.

Also remember if you are starting to get your cravings back that it could actually be that you are not hungry, but actually you are dehydrated so drink water first before you eat something. Nine times out of ten you are not hungry at all but instead you are dehydrated and need water. With so many different drink choices available in this world the one we tend to overlook is water, it is so much better for our bodies and of course has no calories. Sometimes though with our daily lives we tend to grab a coffee or tea instead of our much needed water. While Ice Tea and Coffee both are made with water, once you add caffeine to your drink it actually turns it into a diuretic which will make you dehydrated much quicker after surgery. Opting instead for water will help to keep you hydrated and feeling much better.

Here are some essential benefits to drinking water:

  • Water is essentially healthy and calorie free: After any kind of weight loss surgery you need to really be mindful of your calorie intake to make sure you stay on the track of losing weight, by adding unnecessary calories to your diet from drinks you do not need it can derail your progress.
  • Water can help your skin: It is a proven fact that keeping hydrated will not only help improve your skin clarity and your complex but it will actually make you look younger!
  • Water helps your body function better: When you are drinking plain water or infused waters you are giving your body what it wants more than anything hydration and it will help keep you performing in a peak way.

For great water infused recipes please click here for some awesome healthy and tasty recipes on my blog!

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