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NSAIDS And Gastric Bypass Surgery The Truth |

NSAIDS and Gastric Bypass Surgery The Truth

NSAIDS and Gastric Bypass Surgery The Truth

NSAIDS and Gastric Bypass Surgery The Truth

So when you go through your nutrition classes prior to weight loss surgery you probably heard you are not to take NSAIDS after weight loss surgery, but did you full understand why not to? Alot of us are confused on this subject and have been told a variety of reasons why you should not them, in this article I will try to the full reasoning.

So to start off with let’s talk about what exactly NSAIDS are and what they do. NSAIDS stands for Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This will cover a lot of medications you may have taken in the past, some common ones are aspirin, ibuprofen, fever reduction medications, Excedrin, and pain control medications. These medications generally are safe when taken in the proper dosage, but to someone whom has had gastric bypass or gastric sleeve these can irritate your GI tract and should not be used.

When you take NSAIDS they can help to produce ulcers inside your new pouch and irritation. The reason why is when taking NSAIDS tend to block producing PE2 which can leave your new pouch lining vulnerable to it’s own acid.  PE2 produces a moucus that helps to protect your pouch or stomach lining, taking NSAIDS will prevent this and then making your stomach vulnerable to the own acid located in the pouch. This can lead to your new pouch producing ulcers, also taking NSAIDS can reduce blood clotting ability in your body.  This can also lead to bleeding in your new pouch, pain, discomfort, and perforation of the pouch.

When using NSAIDS you are essentially inhibit your own stomach’s natural defense againest acid, making your pouch very vulnerable. When taking for a prolonged period you can develop ulcers, they can located inside the pouch, but more commonly they are located in small intestine side. The only pain and fever reducing medication that is recommended for patients whom have had gastric bypass or gastric sleeve after surgery is Tylenol. Tylenol is a safe medication that will not cause pain, irritation, ulcers or perforation to your new pouch. So when getting ANY prescriptions make sure to let your Doctors know you can no longer take any forms of NSAIDS due to your surgery. You may even want to consider getting a medical ID bracelet with the warning on it, to see a great article about medical ID bracelets and surgery click on this article of mine.


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