Reasons Gastric Bypass Patients Should Have a Medical Alert Bracelet

il_570xN.357451171_i4cx This has been on my TO DO list for far too long and I am going to finally cross this one off my list. As a gastric bypass patient there is so much that will change in your life, and for a few important reasons it is recommend that you purchase and wear a medical alert bracelet after surgery. Below we are going to discuss the many reasons why and also I will have some links to some great bracelets that are too cute not to purchase.

After gastric bypass surgery it is really important that you notify your loved ones of the changes to your body after surgery in the event of a emergency and also first responders who might have to attend to you.

  1. Most important warning is that after surgery you must LIMIT how much NSAIDs are you exposed too. NSAIDS are anti-inflammatory drugs commonly found in things like aspirin, ibuprofen and also naproxin to name a few. NSAIDS are most commonly used to treat aches and pains, fevers, headaches, arthritis, muscle pains and soreness. My surgeon and most surgeons recommend that you do not take these after surgery because they can really irritate and inflame your pouch with prolonged usage. So to notify first responders not to treat you with NSAIDS it is recommended that you simply put NO NSAIDS on your bracelet.
  2. NO Blind NG tube: After gastric bypass surgery your stomach is much smaller and is now a pouch that is located much higher in your body than before. A blind NG tube is when if you weren’t breathing they would try to stick  tube down your air way to help you breath without looking through a scope first. You cannot have this done because the walls of your pouch are much thinner now and they could easily damage or puncture your pouch. If a NG tube is needed it needs to be done with scope or a tiny camera so they insert it properly and do not puncture or tear your new pouch. You can phrase your wording on your bracelet with either NO BLIND NG TUBE or NO GASTRIC TUBE.
  3. NO SUGARS: As many of us whom have had gastric bypass know we cannot tolerate high dosages of sugar because they can cause a problem commonly referred to as dumping syndrome in us. Dumping syndrome happens because the sugars in our body moves way to quickly through our stomach and intestines and can cause symptoms like sweating, chest pains, shortness in breath, slow heart rate, diarrhea and shaking to name a few. So put NO SUGARS on your medical alert bracelet.

What you should also have engraved on your bracelet is your name, date of your bypass surgery and your Surgeon’s phone number for easy access for the first responders. There are many places that offer fashionable designs when it comes to these medical alert bracelets such as Lauren’s Hope and also Etsy. Please click on the links to find some adorable and fashionable medical alert bracelets today.


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  1. Debbie Shaffer says:

    Angie: I am getting gastric bypass for extremely bad acid reflux & NOT for weight loss. Do you know of anyone who has had gastric bypass for this reason?

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