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Ways To Learn To Love Your Body Again |

Ways to Learn To Love Your Body Again

Learning To Love Your Body AgainMy body went from obese and full of fat rolls to alot less fat and now I deal with loose and hanging skin. So the question becomes how do you go from hating your body to learning to love your new body. The honest answer is it is not easy. Hating your body is very much like your food addiction, it is a darkness we have created in our own mind. The worse you feel about yourself the more your addiction grows, making you feel even worse about yourself. This is something I realized two years ago, I took a long hard look at myself and I was disgusted at what I had become. Not only was I eating myself to death, but I was hurting myself both mentally and physically. I finally realized that I was no long in control of my addictions, they were controlling and ruining me.

There could be a ton of reasons why we started to have ourselves and our bodies, the key is learning to undo those years of hatred towards ourselves. Someone growing up might of told you that you were fat, ugly, no good, worthless and that becomes a catalysts that starts to spark self hatred.

But let me tell you whatever negative things told you during your life, or negative things you said about yourself, were so wrong! You are not ugly, or bad or worthless or stupid, useless or broken. You are totally worthy of being loved, and for loving yourself. Here are some great tips to help you start to work on loving YOU and YOUR BODY again for all of its flaws and fat rolls and loose skin.

  1. Make exercise a priority in your life: With all of us having busy schedules and work and kids it is hard to make exercise a priority in life. Not only is exercise good to help you burn calories and lose weight but more importantly it is important to help you to start to feel good about YOU. The endorphin’s you produce when you exercise not only relax your body, but it makes you happier and full of more energy. Even if you cannot afford a gym membership there is other ways to get your exercise in. From going for walks around your local park or your neighborhood to finding you tube videos showing great exercises you can do from home.
  2. Eat The Bad Stuff: the best piece of advice I got during this journey was from my dietitian who told me we are creatures of comfort. In all of our daily lives we use food to comfort us from family get together s and holidays everyone brings yummy dishes. Do not deprive yourself from having these things that remind you of family or bring comfort to you. The trick now is to take everything in moderation. When you DO NOT deprive yourself of the things that comfort you or make you happy you are able to better control how much eat, and thus not allowing yourself to overindulge. This will reduce your chance of binging and then feeling bad about yourself afterwards.
  3. Your Scale NO LONGER Defines YOU!: You have to STOP letting that number on the scale define who YOU are as a person and your self worth. Your body’s weight is going to fluctuate during your weight loss journey and that is normal and OK. So if one day you get on and it is a little higher than you expected it could be due to your time of the month, some water weight gain, or the fact you are building muscle.
  4. Accept the shape of your body: This is the hardest part of your journey. I personally have a very hippy figure now and I still have a flabby tummy and now I have flabby arms. And it was hard to look into the mirror and learn to accept my body just the way it is right now. I realized I will never be a tiny little thing or have a perfect bikini body and I AM OK with that! What shape is your body? Accept it, own it, be proud of it, and rock it!
  5. Learn to shift your mindset around food: Stop thinking what can I eat that will make me feel better, and start thinking what can I eat that will make me feel good throughout the day. Focus on the health benefits of the food you are eating then how the food will make you feel. Food should not be part of your emotional journey anymore, we have to learn to live and deal and cope with our emotions without turning back to food for comfort.
  6. Focus ONLY on the positive: If this is hard for you at first I suggest making a list of the things you do or about yourself that are positive and only focus on those qualities until you believe them. When you start to focus only on the positive aspects of yourself, you start to learn to love yourself again.


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