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Popular Apps Great For Weight Loss Surgery Patients-Plant Nanny |

Popular Apps Great For Weight Loss Surgery Patients-Plant Nanny


So todays app is called the Plant Nanny and if you are into fun games this is the app for you! What this app does is to remind you to get your daily water intake but in a fun game sort of way. As a weight loss surgery patient we tend to get dehydrated very easily so it is essential that we get enough water in daily.

IMG_1784-169x300 This is a paid app that is available for Android and Iphone users, the cost is $.99 in the app store. This app has you water a little seed to start with and the more water you drink throughout the day you will start to see your plant grow. It is fun interactive way to remind you DRINK YOUR WATER. The plants go through four levels until they are completely grown and you can then move onto the next level. Once your plant is done you can add it to your collection and take the seeds from it start to grow a new plant. When you drink enough water you get cute lil messages like “Excellent You have drink enough water today! Keep up the good work tomorrow.”

It also will give you messages for if you drink too much water during your day like “Plant Nanny Be careful not to drink to much water in one day.” And if you don’t get enough water you get a sad looking picture (see below) and eventually you kill plant and will have to start fresh the next day. This is a perfect app if you are into fun games like candy crush etc to give you that gaming experience while still encouraging you to keep your water intake on track.

Also there is a great graph or chart that visually tracks your water intake also. Overall this is a fun and creative app to help you to get your water intake and still being fun and useful.

IMG_3402 IMG_3343

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