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Popular Apps Great For Weight Loss Surgery Patients-Baritastic App |

Popular Apps Great For Weight Loss Surgery Patients-Baritastic App

So with technology being such a prevalent part of our lifestyles it is nice to know there are great apps out there just for us weight loss patients. We all have our smart phones on us and if we can use some great apps to help us along the way I think it just makes life a little easier. The apps below some I use, some I have used and some I have just tried out. So these are my own personal feelings on each app, I encourage you to download them and see how they would work in your lifestyle.


#1 Baritastic App.

This is by far in my opinion one of the best apps just because it has so much to offer in a tiny portable app. Some of the great features includes a motivation tab, this is awesome because like it not we all need motivation sometimes. It offers awesome and informative podcast that you can listen to at work or while you are working out to help keep you on the right track and motivated.  This is also a great resource for all surgery patients whether you received the gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or lap-band this app will work for all surgery types.

This app also allows you track your nutrition from logging your food and tracking your calories to checking your carb intakes and making sure you get enough water in daily. If you are like me it also can help you remember to eat by setting meal reminders. It also offers a journal where you can write about your personal journey, or leave yourself notes to help motivate you along the way. One of the best features in my mind is a vitamin and supplement reminder, which I am awful at remembering. This app also features a great forum so you join a great online community for support and encouragement. Bariatric friendly recipes when you need a little cooking inspiration.

If you are like me and own a fit bit there is even a fit bit challenge section which only helps you take your extra steps and allows you to compete with others. A great graph to help you visually see how much weight you have loss, and to keep track of your weight loss. And last but not least a great photo timeline where you can upload photos of yourself along your journey to really see your weight loss and to help motivate you! 

Get the iPhone version of Baritastic from the Apple App Store. Get it on Google Play

Best part ever? It’s totally free.

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