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Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Chocolate Pretzel Bar Product Review #NatureValley |

Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Chocolate Pretzel Bar Product Review #NatureValley

product review Ok so anyone that knows me knows like I love my chocolate, but I what I really like is the combination of both sweet and salty. So when I was at my local Schnucks grocery store I was so excited to the see the new sweet & salty lines of granola bars they were offering by Nature Valley. I must admit I was in a hurry and did not read any of the nutritional information before I bought these, I was in a hurry and needed a healthy snack alternative for work. When I was at the store a box of these were on sale for $3.25 for six 1.2 ounce bars which was not a bad price for a week’s worth of snacks for me.

blogger-image-1983107520 Here are the nutritional facts on the Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Chocolate Pretzel Nut bars. One 35g bar contains 150 calories, 45 of them being from fat, 5g of total fat, 2g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 170mg of sodium, 24g of total carbohydrates, 2g of dietary fiber, 12g of sugar, and 2g of protein. Now if you are looking for a good protein bar obviously this is not the choice for you as it only contains a measly 2 grams of protein, but if you are looking for something to help curb your sweet and salty cravings these are not the worst thing I have seen. However saying that they are high on the carbohydrates and sugar content so I would highly recommend making these an occasional snack and not going overboard with them.

Now I have been a huge Nature Valley fan for a long time I absolutely love their granola bars with the green packaged honey version being my all time favorite. And it tends to be my go to breakfast bar when I am running late for work, so these new bars really peaked my interest. So when you open the package you will notice that these bars are very dense and packed with tons of pretzel rods and nuts galore. On the very bottom of these dense bars is a chocolate coating to give you that sweetness you look for when eating something salty like nuts and or pretzels. The top layers of this bar are made up of a combination of rolled oats crisped rice and pretzel rods a salty yummy goodness.

blogger-image--523993749 The combination of the salty pretzel flavor does not detract at all from the sweetness of the chocolate goodness on the bottom of the bar. The other nice thing about this bar is that pretzels still retain their crunchy goodness of a traditional pretzel, it is not soggy or soft due to the flavorings. This is a hard and thick bar so if you have sensitive teeth or false teeth this might be too hard of a snack bar for you. Personally I have partials and these were even hard for me to bite into, but still worth the effort. Another benefit is that this bar is not a sticky bar, I hate it when I grab a snack bar and it is sticky or gooey and I have to wash my hands off to get all the stickiness off.

The other part of this bar that I absolutely love is that it has almonds throughout, one of my most favorite nuts. This only enhances not only the crunch but also the saltiness of the granola bar itself. The chocolate itself it was so good, it is a dark chocolate that is sweet and not bitter but also not too sweet to overpower the granola bar. On a scale of healthiness I would rate this probably 3/10 meaning not the healthiest option for you, but way better than reaching for a traditional candy bar. Now rating it on the scale of taste and texture I would rate this an easy 9/10.

Disclaimer: I did not get compensated for this product review, these are my honest opinions of the product above.



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  1. These bars are really a dessert, but they’re so portable that we use them as supplemental food for our kid who undereats during travel! She loves them. And I get varieties I don’t like. ;(

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