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Reliving My Twenty-First Birthday |

Reliving My Twenty-First Birthday

Reliving My Twenty-first Birthday

Reliving My Twenty-first Birthday

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life that you wish you could redo or have a do over because it just did not go as you planned? Well I can honestly say there have been quite a few with my twenty-first birthday being one of them. For my birthday that year my parents gave me $100 cash and told me to have fun because they knew I was wanting to go to my first casino. Being young and having a one year old, my husband and I were strapped for cash to say the very least. So a hundred dollars was a ton to us, but I told my husband we would go to the Casino Queen and have a fun night for my birthday.

casinoqueen Bringing $40 of our own money we headed to the casino, during the two hours we were there my husband managed to down four shots, two beers and got quite a buzz on. We pretty much spent the first hour just walking around the casino as this was all foreign to us both and we were not quite sure where to start. But once we decided we would spend our time on the slots machines we were off to the races. But unfortunately I had let my husband hold onto my hundred dollars from my parents and out of that money I had grabbed a twenty. For about 45 minutes I enjoyed my time on the slot machines, oblivious to where my husband was. When I finally found him he was super pissed, and I was not sure why. But I found shortly afterward that he had blown through all of our money and blew all of my birthday money in the matter of a hour. Totally ruined my entire night, and I never stepped foot into a casino since then.

So when my fiance Larry heard about this he knew that he had to change this experience for me, because he loved going to casinos and wanted me to enjoy my time in one too. So for months he had been mentioning going to the casinos and I always made excuses on why I did not want to go. The main reason is I honestly had blowing my hard earned money, and a casino just did not sound fun to me.

Ameristar Casino St Charles

Ameristar Casino St Charles

So last week Larry heard an ad for his two favorite things a buffet and unlimited snow crab legs and guess where they were? Of course in a casino lol So he had been bugging me for a week that we had to hurry and try this amazing buffet before the seafood buffet was over in March, so not wanting him to miss his opportunity we decided to head over yesterday and spend the day at the casino and then go the seafood buffet when it opened at 4pm. Don’t think I have seen Larry so excited he wanted to leave as early as possible so that we had plenty of time to explore before the buffet started, my man and his seafood lol

12744475_10207002191987510_1611907337802510876_n So on the way to the casino he stopped at the ATM and grabbed some money, I told him I had to stop at my bank too to get some money. At this point he handed me $100 and told me we did not need to stop at my bank because it was his treat, and that was my money to spend for the day. He wanted me to relive my 21st birthday and have my own money so I could truly enjoy my day. I sat there with tears in my eyes, because this man is so thoughtful he had remembered the story I told him about Chris blowing all of my birthday money and he wanted me to have a better experience than I had before. I know it might not seem like much to some people, but it touched me on so many levels. One he felt my pain for having an awful birthday, Two he remembered the story I told him, and Three he cared enough to want to make my next casino experience one I would remember with fun.

12742017_10207002192347519_1276688166692460853_n We had an absolute blast exploring and trying out different machines, and just generally having a blast being together. We work opposing schedules so when we get to spend time together it is so precious to us both, and we just cherish it. As for gambling we lost most of our money before the buffet started and then right before we were going to head to the casino we won it all back thanks to Larry lol.

My Larry enjoying his crab legs

My Larry enjoying his crab legs

So now it was time for Larry’s finest moment the seafood buffet he had been dreaming of. The one thing you should know about Larry is that he LOVES LOVES his seafood crab legs and lobster in particular. Whenever we to go buffets I feel so bad because I eat like a bird and it is not even worth taking me, luckily on Wednesdays at the casinos if you are over 50 (like Larry lol) it is buy one get one free at the seafood buffet so I ate free! Thank goodness because all I ate was about 4 crab legs, 4-5 shrimp and a piece of coconut cream pie lol While Larry on the other hand at and I am not exaggerating 6 buckets of crab legs, lol that man can eat! We had an absolute blast and as I look at our pictures I am just amazed at what a handsome man he is, even wearing his black wedding ring early, because he wanted everyone to know he was taken. I am blessed everyday that I met this man, he honestly is the love of my life I cannot remember a time in my life that I have been happier than I am now. The day I become Mrs. Larry Baum will be my true dream come true!


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