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I Dare You……..To Take My Challenge!!! |

I Dare You……..To Take My Challenge!!!

I Dare You....To Take The Challenge!

I Dare You….To Take The Challenge!

I am sure alot of people are like me wearing clothes a little baggy to hide my love handles and flabby tummy, or trying to hide your imperfections. We tend to be so hard on ourselves more so than anyone else in our lives. How often do YOU make choices in your life such as the clothes you wear, activities, thoughts or actions based on how others might perceive you? I think we all fall into this category in some form or shape in our lives.

Do you have flabby arms like me and refuse to wear tank tops for fear of offending others? Or do you wear clothes that are too big on you to hide and conceal those areas on your body you are unhappy with? Or you avoid going to or participating in events for fear of how others will perceive you? Do you assume people are staring at or judging you? Or maybe treating you differently because you don’t fit the mold? If so I DARE YOU to change your thought process, something I TOO need to work on!

For the NEXT WEEK………

  • Every-time you find yourself judging yourself negatively I want you to STOP—-And instead force yourself to find something POSITIVE to say about yourself. This is the first step in learning to LOVE yourself unconditionally!
  • Every-time you think a NEGATIVE thought of someone else STOP—And instead think of something nice to say about them. We live in a world where negativity comes way to easily to us, everyone has something positive about them no matter how much they may have upset you. So STOP and find the positive in everyone.
  • Every-time you think someone else is thinking, judging or assuming something about you STOP—and say something NICE about BOTH you and them! Don’t assume that people are always thinking only negative thoughts about yourself, you hard enough on yourself without thinking others are feeling the same!

NOW I DARE YOU to not only do this challenge but please SHARE this and challenge your friends! I want to hear your results leave your comments below and let’s start working on LOVING OURSELVES!!!

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