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Set 10 Goals In 2016: Make This The Best Year Yet |

Set 10 Goals in 2016: Make This The Best Year Yet


  1. Say POSITIVE things about Yourself everyday, no matter how small, or no matter hard this may be at first. It will get easier as your self esteem builds.
  2. FORGIVE yourself for your past mistakes. This is a NEW year, do not hold onto your past mistakes and make them part of your new year.
  3. Set attainable goals for yourself this year. Make goals to make some changes in your life this year, but make them attainable and achievable goals so that you do not fail.
  4. LET GO OF THE PAST: Your past is exactly that your past. This is a NEW year and it is time to let your past stay in the past, do not let it follow you into your future!
  5. PUSH YOURSELF this year! Make a list of things you have always wanted to do a BUCKET list of things you can achieve this year and PUSH YOURSELF  to do them.
  6. Always Do YOUR BEST: Remember make this the year you are POSITIVE on yourself and only do the best that you can do! Forgive yourself when you fail and only do the best that YOU can do!
  7. DON’T LET NEGATIVITY IN: I know better said then done, I get that. But if you look back on your life where has the negativity gotten you in your life? If you are like me, not much but being hard on ourselves and then dwelling in it. Let those negative influences in your life GO THIS YEAR!
  8. MAKE CHOICES YOU ARE PROUD OF: the biggest gift you can give yourself this year is to make good POSITIVE choices in your life that make YOU proud of yourself.
  9. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE: Sometimes making big changes in your life is making sure that you are surrounding yourself with positive people that push you and motivate you. Maybe this year is the time to say good bye to those whom hold you down or don’t motivate you to succeed.
  10. DON’T GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE UP: No matter how hard your day may be or how hard and dark things make look now don’t give up on your goals and dreams!

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