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Answers To Your Burning Questions (lol You Asked For It) |

Answers To Your Burning Questions (lol you asked for it)

5K for my Birthday

5K for my Birthday

So I get asked lots and lots of questions via email, on my blog, Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Most of the time I try very hard to answer all the questions but sometimes I just can’t. So today I am going to answer all the questions I have received lately so please excuse this long blog post, but you asked for it lol.

Questions On Food/Diet:

Q. Did you find it hard to deal with emotions both happy and sad, once you could no longer use food as your tool to deal with emotions. by Mary J.

A. Honestly I did not even run into this issue until probably after the ninth month, because I really had no appetite. But as real life starts to creep in and now that I am farther in my journey I cannot lie and say that there has not been times when something bad has happened and I would love to indulge in something sweet. On occasion I have, but what is different now, is that I try very to deal with ALL of my emotions both good and bad, and not use food as my tool to dealing with them.

Q. When you were overweight did you binge eat? And if so is this an issue for you now? by Andi B.

A. Binge eating is defined as when you eat a much larger amount of food within a very short period of time. The answer is YES I was a binge eater, I could sit at my desk with a 44 ounce soda and a bag of chips or cookies and within and hour or two that large bag would be empty. On many occasions I can remember sitting thinking there is NO way I ate all of that. It is a mindless eating madness that is what binge eating is. Does it effect me now, the answer is NO simply because there is physical way I could binge eat now.

Q. Do you and Larry eat out? And do you find it difficult to eat out with someone who has no food restrictions? Tim Y.

A. YES this has been the hardest part of our relationship, when we first were dating I would always apologize because I felt bad like he was wasting his money on me. The other thing that was hard is he eats WAY more than me, and at times I would find myself overeating to the point I made myself sick in trying to keep up with him. After seeing me throwing up after several dates, I finally confessed to him why I was throwing up. Because I was overeating as I felt bad that he was wasting his money on me. Luckily Larry is amazing and told me to STOP he didn’t care if I ate a spoon fool or a plateful it was never a waste of money, and it didn’t want me getting sick any further. Now most of the times we eat out we get one meal and we share it, it helps him to control his portions and it helps me from over eating.

Q. Do you take vitamins or supplements on a regular basis? Joannie L.

A. YES it is must after surgery. My current routine is as follows:

2 Flinstones with Iron chew-able vitamins in the morning, 2 Biotin daily, 2 B12 every other day, B 50 daily and then three times a day is calcium. All of my vitamins are chew-able because I still have a very hard time swallowing any pills the air gets into my stomach and really makes me sick.

Q. What are some quick snacks you like for when you on the go? Lori N.

A. I love apples with peanut butter, carrot sticks with low fat ranch, one slice of a whole grain bread with peanut butter, cottage cheese, string cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs with tuna, eggs period.

Questions on Exercise:

Q. What do you usually wear to the gym, do you still feel uncomfortable in workout clothes? Jenny H.

A. I usually wear yoga pants or under armour pants and capris, and shirts to match. I have on a rare occasion even shown my flabby arms and worn wife beater tank tops lol The simple answer is not that I am not single lol I don’t care what I look like at the gym. I am there to get a work out, course I never go in looking messy or slutty. But I no longer care if my fat rolls are showing, I walk in the gym confident I am going to get a good work out and sweat my butt off.

Q. What is your normal workout routine? And what is your favorite type of exercise? Ginny G.

Six Mile Hike With My Sister

Six Mile Hike With My Sister

A. When the weather is nice out I prefer to walk, especially outside in nature. I have found that I spent alot more time appreciating the little things like flowers along the way, or trees blooming or decorations in my neighbors yards lol. As to the gym I usually always start off on the bicycle this is my most favorite simply because my stomach use to be so big I could not do the bike. Usually I will do anywhere from 15-20 minutes on the bike, then I will go and work on either my arms or legs. I only do one area of my body each time work out, however I do work on my abs every time I work out. I always will do four of my favorite ab machines, and then between 50-100 ab crunches each time I work out. Then I usually end my workout on the treadmill and get anywhere between half mile to a mile. The problem I find with the treadmill is unless there is something really interesting on the TV I get so bored on the treadmill. I like to watch things when I watching like being outside so when I’m inside on the treadmill I tend to get bored easily.

Q. Do you workout from home or go to the gym? Don J.

Going to Six Flags to Ride Rollar Coasters

Going to Six Flags to Ride Rollar Coasters

The answer is BOTH,  go the gym a couple times a week and the gym  go to is very affordable. For the past three years I have been going to Planet Fitness and I love it, it is only $10 a month and the gym is very very clean. But what I love the most is that Biggest Loser sponsors them and even at my heaviest I never ever felt judged when I walked in, the staff is simply amazing. As to my home work outs I do squats, sit ups, ab crunches and walk my neighborhood or downtown with my friend.

Questions on Weight Loss:

Q. What the area that surprised you the most on where you lost weight? Kay B.

A. There was so many but I would say my feet I went down two whole shoe sizes, and then my neck, my fingers, my ankles lol I remember I was out in my yard last year walking around barefoot and about died when I could see my bones on the top of my foot because I had lost so much weight, or being able to see my bones and veins in my hands. Before there was so much fat you couldn’t see these.

Q. Have you had any health problems since your surgery? Haddie F.

A. Yes a few, I have had a hard time getting my calcium in the way I should and I have a few teeth issues. Also in March of last year I had to have my gall bladder removed which is quite common in people whom have gastric bypass surgery. Other than that I still occasionally will throw up if food does not agree with me or if I eat a little to much, so learning to STOP when I feel full.

Q. Do you feel like you enjoy your life now and what are the biggest changes to your life? Andrew L.

5K for my Birthday

5K for my Birthday

A. There is so many changes in my life, but YES I love my life now I am so active and always on the RUN and on the  GO. I love walking and going out and not having to worry about how far of a walk it is to get into a store, or not being able to do family functions because I was afraid that I could walk far enough or keep up. There is NOTHING that stops me now, and I will admit there have been things that I was afraid to try. For example this summer I was scared to get on a rollar coaster i was afraid I was still too fat to fit, but the honest truth I was not. But we still tend to think of ourselves in our bigger bodies and do get afraid to try some things, but nothing stops me now.

Q. Was there a single moment or reason you decided to lose weight? Rogan V.

A. There were many things throughout the years that made me want to lose weight, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was a friend of mine had to have a heart bypass. This scared the hell out of me because it could of been me, I literally felt like a walking heart attack just waiting  to happen.








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