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Supplies To Have On Hand After Gastric Bypass Surgery |

Supplies To Have On Hand After Gastric Bypass Surgery

weight-loss-surgery-richmond-bc-food-chemicals-59115 So in one of my prior post I shared the Pre-Op Liquid Diet phase prior surgery. Today I wanted to share some things you should really buy prior to surgery to have on hand after surgery. Let’s face it after you come home from surgery you are going to tired and sore and the last thing you probably want to do is run out to buy supplies. So be pro active and make your list ahead of time and get your supplies so you are prepared.

First and most important your surgeon and or nutritionist probably gave you a list of what your post op diet will look like for the next month or so, so it is advised that you stock your pantry and refrigerator so you are prepared. Also start researching now on the variety of vitamins and supplements you will need, there are a variety of methods to get these cheap. There are plenty of bariatric sites online or for myself I purchase mine from Sam’s Warehouse, a full three month supply usually runs me around $80.

  • Baby spoon and plates ( this will help you in keeping your portion sizes very small)
  • water bottle
  • pill crusher as it may be hard in the first few weeks to swallow pills whole
  • protein shakes
  • Measuring cups and or spoons
  • Chicken or beef broth
  • sugar free jellos
  • sugar free puddings
  • sugar free popsicles
  • pill container to keep your pills straight I recommend a pill container with Morning Afternoon and evening.
  • pureed soups with NO chunks you will not be able to tolerate solids for a few weeks
  • crystal light
  • sugar free drink mixes

Some other things you may want to keep in mind is if you have children, you may want to arrange for some help at least for the few days after getting home from surgery. Getting up and down will a little difficult the first week, and a little help will definitely come in handy. Get your house ready for post op surgery, meaning not only get all your supplies needed but also clean and organize your house. Because after surgery the last thing you are going to want to worry about is cleaning and organizing your house.



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