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When Bad Habits Creep Back In After Weight Loss |

When Bad Habits Creep Back In After Weight Loss

Old Habits Sneeking In After Weight Loss

Old Habits Sneaking In After Weight Loss

I will be the first to admit that with getting back into the swing of life and work and a new love, it is easy to let those old bad habits creep back into our lives. We all fall victim to this in some sort or fashion and it is the one thing as weight loss patients that we fear. This is probably the one thing we fear the most that we will start up our old bad habits that got us to being overweight in the first place.

I am about 16 months out and I am the first admit that I have allowed bad habits to sneak back into my life, not as bad as before surgery but regardless they did creep back in. My bad habits include soda, and occasional fast food. We call this the comfortable phase, you are now comfortable with how you have to live and eat post surgery and then life in general just happens and we can tend to slip back into those old habits. Alot of people suffer from this problem they lose all the weight then think “hey I can reward myself with a cookie, or stopping for fast food, or a soda” But I remember seeing a saying a long time ago that said we are not dogs, we do not need to reward ourselves with food and this is so true. Why do we always use food as a reward, or something to make us feel better. The truth is food is something we need to survive, it should not be used as reward.

healthy-life1-300x200 If you are thinking of having weight loss surgery, you need to understand that the surgery is not a cure all. Your mind is a powerful tool and is something we need to work on or it will sabotage our weight loss journey. The one thing I noticed is my bad habits creeping back in and I refuse to let them ruin my weight loss or rule my life. The most important thing to remember is that we will have trips and falls along the way, the difference is are you going to let this slips and falls define your new life or are you going to get up dust yourself off and start over.

For me I am going back to putting protein first in my diet, being good about making sure I get my vitamins in and staying honest by providing a weekly food journal to give you all an idea on how much I eat and what I eat throughout the week.

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