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Great Tips For Eating Out After Gastric Bypass |

Great Tips for Eating Out After Gastric Bypass

Image16 So when I first started eating out after surgery I would literally do my research before I went to the restaurant to make sure there were healthy options I could eat there. Some of the hardest things when eating out is finding a low calorie option that you an tolerate especially if you are going with friends and family and they have no food restrictions and can eat whatever they want, darn them lol. So here are some great tips to try when you are going out to eat that might help you along the way.

  1. Drink water only: It is best not to drink 30 minutes prior to or 30 minutes after eating, but let’s face it we all get thirsty so rather than drinking your calories it is best to order water. This is one I still have to work on lol.
  2. Decide what to order before you go: If you are worried about what is on the menu and what you can eat, do you research before you go. Now a days with your phones and technology most restaurants have menu’s right on their website so you can do your recon before you go.
  3. Bread or no bread?: Bread can be really hard for people after surgery, but if you enjoy your bread it is better not to depry yourself just remove another option from your menu like no dessert. Same thing with tortilla chips and salsa it is OK to have some just don’t go overboard with your carbs. The worst thing you can do is to depry yourself of the things you want most you just have to learn to control what you eat.
  4. Avoid Greasy Appetizers: Alot of times when I would go out to eat I would feel left out when others were ordering appetizers so a great alternative to an unhealthy and greasy or fried appetizers is to choose a low calorie soup or side salad option. This allows you to eat when your friends are eating their appetizers but you will not feel guilty for your choices.
  5. Put Your Fork Down Between Bites: As gastric bypass and sleeve patients we need to chew often and eat slowly so a great way to make this happen when out with friends and family is to put your fork down between your bites. This allows for conversation and allows you to slow down between bites. This also will allow you to truly taste and savor each bite you take in, and by eating slowly it will allow you to listen to your body and when it is feeling full.
  6. STOP eating when you start to feel full: Learning your body and most importantly your pouch learn when to put down the fork and stop eating. When you start to get that full sensation it is time to STOP and maybe even ask your server to remove your plate so you are NOT tempted to eat more.
  7. Enjoy your company and talk alot: Talking with allow a few things one it will allow you to slow down eating, and two it will more than likely prevent you from over eating.

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