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Why Am I So Cold After My Weight Loss? |

Why Am I So Cold After My Weight Loss?

56So last year was the first time I noticed how frigging cold I would get starting in the early fall when the temperature starts to change. This is not your normal just throw on a sweatshirt and warm up type of cold this is a down to your bones cold that sometimes hurts. It began to make me think is this a side effect from surgery, or maybe due to my massive weight loss, whatever it was it sucked and I needed to find someway to become comfortable.

So prior to surgery I was the type of person that was always HOT, I am assuming because I had so much insulation in the form of fat on my body. It could be 70 degrees out and I would be hot and sweating so to do go from such a dramatic swing where I am freezing all the time was a huge change. During the first few months after surgery I think drove my family and friends crazy by complaining about cold I was, and wearing layers upon layers and a little portable heater under my desk.

Finally I asked my nutritionist if this was a normal side effect of losing weight, and she assured me this was very common in anyone who has lost a lot of weight. Our bodies are losing our insulation that would regulate our body temperatures and now there is a lot less fat to keep us warm. While researching the reason for me being always cold I came across this article below and thought I would share it as I found it very interesting.


Going into fall this year I had hoped that maybe this coldness I felt last year right after surgery would not be as bad, but I am sad to report it is the same this year. I find it very hard to warm up this year as well, and find myself wearing thick socks, layers of clothes and still have my handy dandy heater under my desk. So don’t think you are going crazy if you are feeling the same way, just try to make adjustments in your life to get yourself warm like layers of clothing a warm blanket or someone to cuddle up with.

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