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Learning To LOVE Yourself Again |

Learning to LOVE yourself again

LOVE Your BodyCan you remember the last time you looked into the mirror and really appreciated yourself for what you saw looking back at you? For many people whom struggle with weight and obesity this is a unfamiliar and hard thing to deal with. Too often we look into the mirror and hate the image staring back at us. The person in the mirror may seem like a stranger, someone you are ashamed of, someone you wish you could erase. These are just a few feelings many people like myself whom deal with obesity face all the time. How are we suppose to look into the mirror and love our bodies, love the person staring back at them?

This is still a struggle for me today even after losing over 160 pounds I still struggle with this everyday, however today even though I still faults I can appreciate and love what I see staring back at me now.  Today I wanted to touch on the issue of learning to love our NEW bodies after weight loss surgery or major weight loss. This can be a super difficult process, because even though we feel so much better the massive weight loss has left a new issue for us to deal with, saggy and loose skin.

While your body is changing it is the time to start your changing your mental mind as well, and learn to love yourself again. You must repair those emotional grudges you have held on to, the ones that tell yourself you are not worth losing weight, you are not a good person, you are ugly, you are fat etc. These things that we have been telling ourselves over the years have done traumatic harm to how we view ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. The truth of the matter is you are not a bad person and you are worthy of being happy and healthy both mentally and physically.

Tips of Learning to Love Yourself Again:

  • Avoid Negativity: I know this is easier said then done, but the most important thing you can do for the new you is to stop putting yourself down. Stop the negativity and shaming of yourself, you are learning to live a new and healthier lifestyle and along with this needs to be full of positive.
  • Challenge those negative thoughts: Those negative thoughts will still come, that is how we have treated ourselves for years and it is silly to think those negative thoughts will not still come. However this time when you feel like putting yourself down, challenge yourself. When you feel like making a negative comment about yourself or your appearance fight hard to find something good to say about yourself instead. Sounds silly I know but what I did was everyday when I got out of the shower I would stand in front of my mirror and find something nice I could say about myself and then everyday I would ” I love you”. This felt so fake and hard to do in the beginning but after a few months it became incredibly easy to find things to compliment myself on, things I was proud of.
  • Learn to Love Your Imperfections: The truth is your body after massive weight loss is going to look much different while it will be dramatically skinnier you will also suffer from saggy skin, loose skin and maybe even unwanted wrinkles you never had before. The hard part is looking at these new realities and accepting them for what they are, badges of the hardwork of losing weight, of changing your life into a new healthier version.


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