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Fat & Naked & Unashamed Project By Time Magazine |

Fat & Naked & Unashamed Project by Time Magazine

514287989_640 For so long I was one of those people who was so ashamed of my body and where I went with my weight gain that I would never feel comfortable ever showing any part of my body. To the point that when I was married I would go to bed ALWAYS with a Tshirt and underwear I never wanted my husband to see me naked, the way I looked at I was ashamed of my body why would I want to expose him to what I hated.

So recently I came across this video by Time Magazine where they interviewed woman who were overweight and took candid real naked photos of themselves. As I watched this video it really made me think and wish that even in my obese body I wish more than anything that I had thought that even though I was overweight that I was beautiful. Still to this day even after losing all the weight I still have the obese thought process, I still feel insecure and still feel like maybe I am not pretty enough, or skinny enough. So watching this video and seeing these woman being so vulernable and ok in their naked bodies was such a wonderful eye opening experience for me.

After losing all this weight do not get me wrong I did gain so much self confidence, but I would be lieing to you if I told you that I still do not revert back to my old ways and self doubt myself. I find myself thinking am I pretty enough for Larry my boyfriend, do I feel skinny enough, what about my flabby loose skin? And the sad thing is that I know deep down inside that Larry loves me, he loves every inch of me. He proves it on a daily basis, now I just need to reach that point myself. And as I tell everyone I am but a work in progress and I am still working to get that point. So kudos to this woman and being brave enough to be photographed and video taped naked and unashamed I wish I could be that confident. Watch the video below:

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