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Pole Dancing Leads To Weight Loss & Self Confidence |

Pole Dancing Leads to Weight Loss & Self Confidence

Pole Dancing Eda Marbury from St Louis, MO

Pole Dancing Eda Marbury from St Louis, MO

A few days I came across this story of Eda a Plus Size lady in my own neck of the woods in St Louis, MO who started pole dancing to help herself get healthy, and in the process she has lost weight and gained self confidence. Eda reminded me a lot of me, but the difference between us is that as much as I want to try pole dancing, I am not sure if I have her confidence yet. Once in college she met her husband and after falling in love she started eating finally, but unfortunately her relationship with food swung in the opposite direction and she began overeating.

After not feeling good in her own skin she knew she had to make some changes, worrying she would not fit into a regular gym Eda decided to try her skills at pole dancing. Eda signed up for all female pole dancing studio in her hometown and since then has gone on to loose over 65 pounds, but more than that gained her self confidence back.

Watching her story I could not help but be brought to tears, as I felt her struggles and I knew where she was coming from. There is nothing worse in this world than being so overweight that you cannot even accomplish the simplest of task like grocery shopping or tieing your own shoes. But what I loved about Eda’s story was that not only did she have the confidence to join this pole dancing class, but she went even further and actually made videos of herself dancing and posted in on YouTube. As you can imagine the comments she received were not all candy and roses, she has received alot of hateful and rude messages, but she also has received a ton of uplifting and touching messages of inspiration.

You can follow Eda’s journey and  follow her on facebook by clicking on this link https://www.facebook.com/Eda-Marburys-Climb-to-the-Top-1607474106202637/

And below watch this inspiring video of her story and her journey of strength, courage and self confidence.


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