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Living The No Body Shame Campaign #NoBodyShame |

Living The No Body Shame Campaign #NoBodyShame

Creator of No Body Shame Campaign

Creator of No Body Shame Campaign

So Larry and I started watching the new TLC Show “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” on Wednesday nights. This is a wonderful reality show featuring the amazing and talented Whitney Way Thore who is a obese woman who has started the No Body Shame Campaign, to show people to be happy and proud of their bodies and to stop being ashamed of you are. There can no be no more inspirational message than that. But to truly understand her message of the No Body Shame Campaign you should learn a little more about this amazing and inspiring woman.

Whitney is a woman who is 29 years old who has struggled her whole life with eating disorders, poly cystic ovarian syndrome which caused her to gain alot of weight. On top of all of this she has also struggled with self esteem issues, depression, weight fluctuations and self doubt in herself. As a former obese person I can so relate to Whitney and her struggles of people staring at her in public and making comments behind your back. The health concerns and limitations you have from being obese that Whitney deals with on a daily basis. Despite all of these things, the one thing you will notice about Whitney is that she has a amazing positive personality.

She reminds me alot of myself, simply put she is happy in her body, in her own skin and she does not care what other people think of her. This is a place in my life that has taken me 43 years to find on my own, and it is so inspiring to see other people living this way. The first time I saw Whitney was on Facebook she had created a video with her best friend Todd of her dancing, and this girl is an amazing dancer. What struck me the most about this video was that Whitney was as big as I was at that point, yet this girl was dancing her butt off and she was amazing. I remember watching that video and just crying, that if she could do that, than I really had no excuses not to get off my butt. Whitney was a trained dancer before she gained weight, and after gaining her weight she quit dancing. But then she decided dance was her passion and started back dancing and now actually teaches a Big Girl Dance Class now inspiring other woman of all sizes and shapes that they can do dance too.

Now a little bit about the show, first of all the show is a wonderful mix of funny, laughing out loud hysterical and then crying from all the touching moments. Whitney has a small group of friends and relatives that regularly appear on the show there is Buddy her best friend and now room mate, and they are so adorable because they both like each other but neither is ready to act on this. Then there is her parents, with her Mom Babs being the funniest lady I have seen in awhile. Babs comes across as the proper southern woman with a very thick southern accent, but it seems every episode she will say or do something that just shocks and cracks you up. By watching Babs you can certainly see where Whitney gets her sense of humor from. Whitney also features her dance students from her Big Girls Dance Club on the show regularly and it is so nice to see woman of all ages, being inspired to dance and have fun. Whitney inspires woman of all ages and body types that you can dance and have fun, and not be ashamed of your body. This is a message that more of our daughters need to hear, as woman we are our own biggest critics, and we are so hard on ourselves. So it is refreshing a good reminder that we MUST love ourselves, and be a good example for our own daughters. So that they grow up knowing that they are enough just the way they are, and to not ever be ashamed for whom they are, or what their bodies look like.

On an episode last night Whitney did a showcase on a new video she was creating on her No Body Shame Campaign and it was such a powerful video I knew that I had to share it with all of you! Below you will find her video, please comment and let me know what you think of the video and Whitney. Also don’t forget to catch her show on Wednesday nights on TLC at 9pm Central Standard Time.

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  1. Bruce Blackman says:

    The problem here is not PCOS. The problem here is that Whitney is in denial of a life threatening eating disorder consuming a minimum of 5000 calories a day to support the massive morbid obesity that is and will continue to devastate her health. Her biggest passion in life is stuffing herself with unhealthy amounts of food. She needs to see DR. Nowzardan of my 600 lb life who will help her cut the BS she is telling herself and help her achieve a healthy body weight and relationship with food.

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