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Being Thankful For The Little Things |

Being Thankful For The Little Things

Me and my boyfriend Larry at Tower Grove Park.

Me and my boyfriend Larry at Tower Grove Park.

So yesterday started out awesome I met my sister in St Louis at a park called Laumier Park it was a wonderful huge park filled with tons of huge sculptures all over it. We went for a two mile hike up and down hills, it was a great workout and great way to start off my day. And once it was over I sat in my car and thought that a year ago that hike would of been impossible. I was still around 300 pounds and there was no way I would of been able to accomplish that hike, let alone without stopping to catch my breath.

Then later on that afternoon Larry and I went to Tower Grove Park to go for another walk. As we were walking around enjoying the scenery and all the fall leaves I could not help but find myself thinking of how far I have come in such a short time. A year ago walking twice in one day would not of been possible, let alone hiking. The best part of the day was having the support of both my sister and my boyfriend Larry on this journey.

Being able to enjoy walking and hiking and enjoying the weather seemed like a pipe dream to last year, something unattainable and now I find myself getting up and going and walking and hiking alot. Just reminds me of all the little things I was unable to do just a year ago and how far I have come, and how greatful I am to have good friends and a family and a boyfriend who supports me along the way.

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