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Addictions Are Common After Weight Loss Surgery |

Addictions Are Common After Weight Loss Surgery

Drug-Addiction-Help So one of the things we learned from all of the training and things I read prior to surgery was that we are all food addicts, we use food to deal with our emotions whether they are good or bad emotions food is our tool that we use to deal with them so we don’t have to feel. And even after having weight loss surgery a lot of people realize that no longer can use food as their coping mechanism and they turn to other means such as sex, food, gambling, drugs, alcohol, shopping and more. So I sat down with my family prior to surgery to inform them of this, because of these addictions the one that is most common is alcoholism especially in woman.

My girls already have a alcoholic father and I did not want them to wind up with a alcoholic mother also. For me personally I had two addictions one was food and one was smoking. Both of them addictions helped me deal with depression or happiness or pretty much any emotion or problem I had going on in my life these were my coping mechanisms. After having weight loss surgery you no longer can eat alot of food first of all, but secondly those food options you use to use to help you cope like soda and sugary foods you cannot eat anymore. So then you have to come up with a new way to deal with your emotions. As our nutritionist and doctor says weight loss surgery is but a tool and how you use that tool will determine how successful you are.

So one of the most common things alot of gastric bypass patients don’t like to discuss but it is a real reality for us is a thing called addiction transfer. This is a real thing maybe not talked about often enough. In my weight loss support groups I have seen addiction transfer effect alot of us, myself included which I will discuss in my next blog posts. For me I have personally had issues with sex, and cigarettes these have been my personal transfer addiction problems and ones I am currently working on.

But another common one that effected a very close friend of mine and also a weight loss patient is alcohol and one that is most common in woman in after gastric bypass. The reason it is so popular is after surgery your stomach is the size of an egg and even a tiny amount of alcohol can have you feeling the effects very quickly, for example I am over a year out a single beer slurs my speech and has me drunk just off of one beer. Now the drunk feeling does not last long maybe twenty minutes or a half hour, so therefore you need another drink to get the high feeling again. The benefit is you get drunk very very easy, the downside is you can see how it could quickly become a big problem.

It is to the point that my boyfriend and I will decide when we go out who is allowed to drink so one of us can always be sober driving home, and secondly I never have more than one or two drinks when we are out. Why? Because I know what my body can handle and I know that anything over that I am a complete and udder mess and I do not like to feel this way. These are the honest facts and truths you need to beware of if you have had surgery, or if you are contemplating having surgery. Make sure that you have dealt with or are dealing with the issues that you got you to your weight gain in the first place, and secondly be aware that once food is gone and you can no longer use this as a coping mechanism you may replace it with another worse addiction. It is best to have an honest discussion with your closest families and friends so they can keep an eye on you, and make sure you don’t fall into these awful pitfalls on your new journey.

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