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Facing The Dreaded Plateau After Gastric Bypass |

Facing the Dreaded Plateau After Gastric Bypass

Weight Loss Plateaus So when I started on this weight loss journey I started out at 328 lbs. This was at the start of my journey since that day I have dropped down to 184 pds and stayed within 4 pds of that weight since I met my boyfriend seven months ago. I had heard all the horror stories of once you fall in love you gain the dreaded 25 pds of love weight, so I have been hyper vigil watching my weight to make sure I did not fall into that dreaded category.

Especially since my boyfriend is a human garbage disposal that eats a ton, it is kind of laughing joke because whenever we eat he will eat all of his food and then finish what I have leftover. This is my first relationship in over five years and my first relationship since having surgery so adjusting to being around someone who can eat normally, and not have restrictions has been a huge learning process.

For example Larry loves going out to buffets or places that offer all you can eat options, to me that is a complete waste of time when the most I can consume in one sitting is around a cup of food or a little more at a time. So I always feel so bad when we go to these places because I find myself eating more than I should, out of guilt that we are at a all you can eat place and I feel like he is wasting money on me. Well I finally confessed my feelings to him and he made me feel better. He said I eat enough for two people so there is no reason to feel guilty.

But it is little things like eating with a partner, then trying to juggle my home life and work life that has gotten me off of my routine of working out. All of things add up to a plateau because I am not working out regularly and eating properly. The good news is I did not gain weight, but in that same token I also have not lost weight.

So a few weeks ago I decided I needed to get back on track, and not life get in the way of losing that last 30 pds I want to loose. So I have been actively increasing my exercise whether it is walking or doing squats at home or doing sit ups I have been trying to push myself more. The next thing I have been doing is every time I eat I visualize the size of my stomach being the size of an egg and I try to only eat enough food to fit in the size of egg, by visualizing this while I am eating I find myself not overeating, and pushing the plate away when I start to feel full. Thirdly I have been listening to my body and the cues it gives off when you eat, like hey you are getting full stop before you start to feel over full and uncomfortable.

Just by making these few tweaks I am back on the track of losing weight again and it feels amazing! In the last three weeks I am down 8 pounds and starting to feel better by pushing my water intake, and vitamins and just getting in some exercise makes me feel so much better. Gives me my energy back and it is amazing how much better mentally you feel just by getting in a little exercise on a daily basis.

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