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Dining Out After Gastric Bypass |

Dining Out after Gastric Bypass

indexSo one of the things that I have found so hard after surgery is being able to eat out and not feel guilty that I cannot eat everything on my plate, and then not feel guilty for throwing it away. My boyfriend Larry loves to eat out he is what I would call a foodie. The man can eat and eat like no one I have ever seen, but over the months we have learned how to eat out together without me feeling guilty at all.

1. I try to always pick out dish or food that I will eat at a later time, like I will pick something that will warm up well later on and that I know I will enjoy later.

2. Alot of times we will get a dish and share it or split it, and I do this alot when my girlfriends and I go out we will get one or two dishes and then extra plates and just share off each others so no one eats alot and no one feels guilty.

3. When ordering food I try really hard to make sure I have a high protein item first before my veggies or anything else, protein is the most important thing to our diets and helps to fill me up faster.

4. Check out the menus before even going inside, 90% of the time I will go online and check out a restaurants menu before I even step foot inside. This allows me to see what healthy choices I have and gives me some options so that I am prepared when I walk in.

5. Make sure whomever I am with, understands that I must eat slowly. Every since my surgery I tend to eat very slowly for many reasons, some of this is because if I eat fast I get sick really easily or feel bloated. By eating slowly it allows me to control how much I am eating, make sure I eat slowly and chew my food properly.

6. Choose low fat options whenever possible, do not get my wrong I do splurge occasionally and even have dessert occasionally. But for the most part I try to choose a low fat and healthy option when I choose a food dish.

7. Avoid fried or batter friend foods, this foods tends to not only weigh heavy in my new pouch but they also make you feel just awful for an hour or so afterwards. I tend to lean more towards grilled or baked options.

8. Avoid eating to many heavy food options like pork or steak, I still have a hard time with these because you have to really chew these items well or otherwise they will sit heavy really heavy in your stomach.

9. Tell your server when they bring your food to you that you will need a to go container, then when I do is either put half of my food away at this point or visualize on my plate what half is and only eat half of the food. This helps you from now over eating.

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