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One Year Post Gastric Bypass, Any Regrets? |

One Year Post Gastric Bypass, Any Regrets?

Me and my guy Larry

Me and my guy Larry

So one of the questions I get asked alot either on Facebook, Twitter or in person is now that you are one year out post gastric bypass surgery do you have any regrets? The honest answer is “No” because my life is 100 times happier, more energetic and fulfilling. But along with all the great things that happen the only real regret I have is that I did not reach my personal weight loss goal for my one year anniversary. So far I have lost 169 pounds and I have remained within the same 4 pounds for about three months now, so I am not losing but the good news is I am not gaining. My personal weight loss goal was to reach 150 pounds and I am about 27 pounds away from that.

As anyone who is contemplating having weight loss surgery you should know the weight comes off effortlessly in the first six months and then it slows down dramatically after that. So it is so important that you are aware of that and that you still implement your eating habits and exercise. Which I will willingly admit that since meeting my guy Larry I have defiantly slacked off in that department.

That is one of my goals today is to really start walking and hitting the gym more, but with working two jobs and having a new man or should I say Love of my life, it makes it hard. They say once you fall in love you tend to pack on the pounds the national average is 25 pounds, this is something I have been very aware of been sure to get on the scale and watch that. I am proud to say I have not gained weight since meeting Larry but I also have not lost weight, so this means this girl needs to get back on track.

We love to walk together, hit the gym and our new thing is bike riding. It is awesome that is a supporter of my weight loss dreams and goals and it encourages me, now I just have to push and motivate myself more. We have all been there we fall into a comfortable routine, and now I am learning it is time to shake things up a bit and get my butt back in the gym and back to working out because I feel so much better about myself when I do this.

The other thing I would say I wish I would of realized more before surgery was along with all the wonderful weight loss the loose saggy skin is so annoying. I did my research before surgery but until you experience it, it is hard to explain. Not only do I have loose skin on my stomach area which was my biggest area of fat, but I also have it on my inner thighs which made swimsuit shopping a total nightmare.

But with all of this I can honestly NO I do not regret my surgery at all. Yes I have had some complications this year from not being able to eat for for the first three months which resulted in out patient surgery to correct to having to have a my gallbladder and two hernias removed in March. But even with all of that what this surgery has given me is a new leash on life, a life free from insulin, diabetes 2, and so much more. Every morning I wake up thankful to be alive, to have energy to go to work and stand on my feet all day, to be able to walk without being out of breath and winded and to finally for the first time in my adult life, to actually live my life.

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