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The Saggy Truth About Gastric Bypass |

The Saggy Truth About Gastric Bypass

diabetes-weight-loss-surgery-study-announced-regulation-control-army-height-43663 So I like to be brutally honest in all of my blog posts because my philosophy is that sometimes people sugar coat things. And if you are thinking of having weight loss surgery it is better that you know the honest truth upfront while you are still in the decision making process. The truth of the matter is if you are severaly obese and have weight loss surgery, no matter of exercise will be able to catch and firm your skin. Because the weight simply comes off fast that you just don’t have time to firm up those areas in time. So saggy skin is a real issue that you will have to deal with.

At this point you need to decide if this is something you can live with, or if you have good insurance that will cover skin removal surgery. Alot of comments I see people asking is will my stomach hang down to my pubic area? Will my skin be wrinkly and rolled like a shar-pei dog? What will I look like naked after weight loss surgery? These are all good and honest questions to consider during your journey.

Because you are taking this journey to gain self confidence and self esteem and if you cannot deal with saggy skin or the changes your body will go through you may want to rethink having weight loss surgery. Of course the degree of how bad you will have saggy skin will vary from person to person. Alot of has to do with how much excess weight you had to start with, how much you work out and drink water among other factors. So I figured I would answer these questions from my own personal experience and also the experiences my fellow weight loss surgery friends have endured.

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1. Will be I wrinkly and have saggy skin after surgery?

The honest answer is YES more than likely somewhere on your body you will have to deal with this issue. For me personally as seen from the photos I have saggy skin under both of my arms, what is really weird is my right arm is much more saggy than my left. This is strange because I am right handed so I figured it would be the opposite. Also as most people know I had a very large stomach to begin with so yes my stomach is flabby from the weight loss at this point it does not hang down and make me uncomfortable, but it might if I lose much more. Another area where I have saggy skin which really surprised me is in my inner thighs. This proved difficult this year when swimsuit shopping because I felt so confident about my new body until I saw that I could not hide this area with swimsuits. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to saggy skin:

  • As your age your skin looses it’s elasticity and ability to bounce back.
  • The length of time you have carried your extra weight also plays a factor.

2. What can I do to decrease how much saggy skin I will have?

The best thing you can do is be HONEST with yourself and realize that the reality is you may end with saggy skin. The best advice I have heard from my Doctor and Nutritionist is push your water intake and make sure you are hitting the gym not only do you want to include cardio in your routine to burn off the fat but you need to hit the weights and push strength training. This has helped my saggy arms but I also realize they will never be perfect but I have seen a difference in them. Also eating nutrient rich foods that are healthy for you, getting your protein in also helps a great deal.

Suggestions from what I have personally experienced:

  • Push your gym workouts to your limit- The truth is your body will not get toned if you are not working out and also incorporating strength training.
  • Weight training-This is the key if you have access to a personal trainer it may be a wise investment. If you cannot afford one join a Planet Fitness gym for $10 a month and you get access to a personal trainer for FREE. This is a wise investment in your new body.
  • Being Patient-Realize that it took you YEARS to gain this weight and it may take you years to get the body you want now.

“Don’t let the fear of loose skin, belly rolls or flabby arms stop you. Do you think Oprah worried about her bingo wings? No. She just flap-flap-flapped and flew away to world domination!”


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