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Drinking Alcohol After Gastric Bypass Surgery |

Drinking Alcohol After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Drinking Alcohol After Gastric Surgery

Drinking Alcohol After Gastric Surgery

One of the things that will really change after having weight loss surgery is your tolerance of any alcoholic drinks. This is a question I get asked alot “Can I drink again after surgery?” or “When can I drink again after surgery?”. The simple answer is YES you can drink again after having gastric bypass or sleeve surgery, but you can no longer drink the way you use to in the past. This is the same as you cannot eat like you did prior to surgery the same rings true for your alcohol consumption. Everyone’s tolerance will completely differ especially depending on the type of alcohol you are consuming.

One of the things you will notice very quickly is that when you have a drink it will hit you alot harder than before. The first time I had a drink was about three months after surgery and I had a half glass of wine and I can honestly tell you I was drunk very fast on just a half of a glass of wine. This is based on a few factors one your stomach is much much smaller, but also now that you have surgery it takes longer for your body to process alcohol. Mix this with someone who might be having depression issues after surgery and this could be deadly combo. Studies have shown that there is a increased rate in gastric bypass and sleeve patients becoming alcoholics. Not only does your body take longer to process to the alcohol it also takes a much longer time for you to return to a sober state of mind.

Being the significant other of an active alcoholic I had a serious conversation with my daughters about this subject prior to surgery, and told them that if they saw me drinking too much to let me know so I too did not become an alcoholic. Here are some great tips to keep in mind when you do start to drink alcohol after surgery.

  • DO NOT drive at all even after a half of drink because it hits us so much harder than a normal person
  • Wait for a few months after surgery before having your first drink to allow your pouch to heal
  • Monitor your drinks and do not drink into excess
  • Start out slow when you drink with just a few sips to see how it will effect you personally
  • Be aware that alot of weight loss patients will have “transfer addictions” after drinking and go from using food as your tool to deal with emotions to turning to alcohol.

For me I have noticed that still to this day just one drink will go straight to my head, and very quickly too. When I drink I never drive and most of the times I make sure either I have a designated driver or that I am not leaving the place I am drinking at. Hydrate is another key factor for every one drink you have drink at least two glasses of water afterwards. When you drink alcohol you will notice that you will feel dehydrated so overcome this by pushing water. Just be safe and take it easy I am almost a year out and still cannot drink alot.


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