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th Don’t worry this is not a graphic detail of my sex life, but one of the things that I see so often on Facebook groups and talking to other weight loss patients is does your sex drive change after weight loss surgery. The short answer to this question is YES absolutely and for good reason, you are finally starting to feel good about yourself and your journey and you are starting to have alot more energy. In research studies it is proven that in 70% of woman they will see a significant improvement in their sex drive. This is based on several factors, your weight loss, your overall self esteem improving and your hormones balancing out as well, most woman will see this happen around that 6 month mark or the honeymoon period.

Like alot of obese people when I was obese I did not want to have sex at all simply because I was disgusted with my body and my appearance why would I want to subject someone else to having to look at my body. But one of the things I noticed after my surgery was along with gaining confidence and feeling good about myself that I started to regain my sex drive. When you start to feel more comfortable in your new body and your skin you start to get the sexual desires back, and a natural part of that is regaining your sex drive.

Actually I would say my current sex drive is as good or better than in my early twenties (my poor boyfriend lol). One thing I will caution and I am sure your doctor has discussed with you transfer addiction where we transfer our food addiction to another addiction. Alot of people I have met online and in person have had a sex addiction because our sex drive goes nuts. So while you are feeling more sexual and attractive be careful to monitor yourself so you don’t turn your new desire into a unhealthy addiction.


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  1. HELP! I had Gastric sleeve 3 years ago, during this time I remained very nauseous and unable to hold down foods or liquids and was in and out of the hospital with the surgeon trying to figure out if it was something he had done wring or if I needed something more done. He decided it wasn’t anything to do with his surgery and is related to my other health issues. With this said I have been living in sugar free crystal lite peach tea, water or orange gatorade and gram crackers. Very rare I can keep done a tiny (toddler size bite of chicken that’s it no other kinds of meats or anything) I went down from 268 to 160 and am now back at 222! Again this is with me only eating gram crackers and water, sugar free tea or gatorade. Very rare I can get my stomach to hold down chicken just a small bite size and that’s it. I have to live on Phenagran just so I don’t threw up my food or fluids. So I’m trying to find out what can I do to lose tbis weight? I am disabled and unable to excerise, walk or anything. I have problems standing up longer that 5 mins. And that’s with my cane. Any and all help or advice would be most appreciated! ! Thank you in advance!

    • AnnMarie first off thank you for asking for help! What I found the number one things for us after weight loss surgery to start losing that weight again without excercising is PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN lol I know YUCK! But honestly I know you are having a hard time keeping things down what I would suggest is try two weeks of getting your protein in daily by maybe trying protein shakes which should be easy on your stomach or by greek yogurt (much higher in protein and lower in fat than regular protein) and also cottage cheese and scrambled eggs. These should be easy ways to really UP your protein and you should start your weight coming off again. When I was having issues keeping things down these were my main staple items. Also I did tuna with crackers. The problem with relying on graham crackers and crackers in general is that they are a slider food as my nutritionist says meaning we eat them, and in a hour they slide right through our stomachs making us hungry again. By eating something high in protein like your eggs, tuna, cottage cheese, or protein shake it tends to stay in your stomach for a longer period of time and makes you feel full for a longer period of time. Feel free to friend me on Facebook I would love to help you along your journey at or

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