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My Six Flags Adventure And Bucket List Item |

My Six Flags Adventure and Bucket List Item


So one of my bucket list items was to go to Six Flags because the last time I went was over fifteen years ago and I was unable to ride most of the rides due to my size. This was the best day I can remember in a long time because I went with my family and they got to knock something off my bucket list with me and it meant the world to me.

For too many years I had been to big to walk Six Flags let alone to go on any rides so I have to admit I was a little worried that maybe I still hadn’t lost enough weight to enjoy the day. But this is part of the mentality of losing weight so fast is that your mind does not have a chance to catch up to the weight loss. You loose weight so fast that your mind just cannot keep up, so even know though you know you have lost all of this weight sometimes you still think you are that obese person from before.

My daughter Katie went with me and we had decided that the first ride I would ride would be with her for sure and we chose Batman as our first ride, and I was petrified. Not only was I scared of the ride itself as your feet dangle on this rollar coaster but I was also worried that because I still have a little bit of a tummy that the bar would not fit over me. Of course I could not of been more wrong, so the first ride I went on was with Katie, Sandra (Larry’s daughter) and Blake her husband. We had no problem getting on and of course we had no problem getting the bar to fit with with plenty of space left over and it was the scariest and best ride of my life.

But one of the things that happened on my first ride just proved to me how far I have come. So I just got seated in the ride and was pulling the bar down and latching it and I noticed a bigger gentleman in front of me and some Six Flags workers telling him “I am sorry man but you can’t ride this ride”. Immediately I felt for this man, he had to be taken off the ride because his stomach was too big and the bar would not fit over him. I watched as he walked away humiliated as his wife and daughter got to stay and enjoy the ride and my stomach just sank, because I felt so bad for him I completely understood the humiliation and the embarrassment he was currently going through and I felt so bad for him.

So after completing my first ride I got off and Larry said he wanted to ride the ride with me but this time he wanted me to seat in the very front of the ride so I could see everything that was coming towards us, my heart immediatly sank. But anyone that knows the new Angie knows that I don’t back down from a challenge so I went and I am glad Larry challenged me because even though it scared the hell out of me it was the best time and the best ride and I did it with baby.

The rest of the day was amazing I had so much energy, I had no issues walking the entire park and we were there from open to close. It was such a HUGE accomplishment and one I am so proud of and one that I am so greatful to have shared with my family.

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