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Motivational Monday Post #1 |

Motivational Monday Post #1

index So I had decided that on Monday’s this year that I would do a Motivational post each Monday! And of course I am running a day late this week due to all the exciting things that happened yesterday! LOL As most of my family and friends know by now I got my dream job yesterday after just wanting someone to give me a shot it finally happened. I will be working for an Optometrist office as the Doctor’s Assistant and I am so happy. Now onto to my Motivational Monday post lol.

This is a way for me to praise myself for motivational things I have recently done or goals I have achieved in hopes that I help or inspire someone else. So as I reflect over all the recent changes I have been going through sometimes I am amazed at all the changes. Some of the recent big changes that have motivated me lately is that I finally got the courage to start trying on all the smaller sized clothing I have had in my closets for months. I know this sounds silly but in my mind  still feel like that 326 pd girl and I refused to try on the smaller sized clothing because I didn’t want to be disappointed. But thanks to my girls nagging me I am starting to get braver! The other big thing is my eating is finally getting easier and this is such a HUGE relief as I can really start adding some variety into my meals now. I made Tilapia last night and was able for the first time to keep fish down without throwing up and it turned out wonderful. So that in itself is so motivational in itself.


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