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Who Am I Now That I’ve Lost All This Weight? |

Who Am I Now That I’ve Lost All This Weight?

18ws5uuwjd9lqjpg Who am I now that I’ve lost all this weight? This is a question that I am struggling with right now as well as a few of my other weight loss friends. When you go from being a hermit crab locked in her house with no friends to a woman who is always on the go with tons of friends, you start to reflect on who is this new person? This is probably the hardest part of this weight loss journey to figure out and understand but also one of the most rewarding parts.

Like it or not when you have to make drastic changes to your life to get healthy and lose weight it also changes the person whom you are. Now you are a active and thinner and able to do things you were never able to do before, you get more attention from people including men and this changes who you are as a person.  So the question then becomes does changing your outwardly appearance on the outside so drastically change whom you are inside? The answer for me is of course yes, as the person I was a year ago had no self confidence at all, now I can tell you I have a ton of self confidence. Of course I still have my moments of self doubt and insecurity but I am way better than I was before. During my weight loss journey I realized that when I would talk to people out in public even a cashier I would never look a person in the eye, I think I was afraid that if I made eye contact I was forcing this person to see “ME” the fat me. Now I make sure the first thing I do is make eye contact with everyone I meet and I smile at them. The other thing I noticed was if it was a man I made darn sure NEVER to make contact it was like I felt like I was not worthy of a man’s attention. So since I knew that was one area I struggled in, I now will force myself to make eye contact and also talk with men I come into contact with. This helping me with deal with the whole I am worthy issue we all deal with.

When you are lived your whole adult life as a obese person who allowed yourself to be defined by your obesity, losing alot of weight is a complete shock not only to your physical but also emotional self that will blow your mind. To give you a good example imagine going to bed tonight and then waking up the morning as a man. The shock to you would be incredible you be forced to double takes in the mirror every time you walk by one, you would have to learn all the way all the new parts look on your body, and how to fit into society again. It is still YOU but the you has changed drastically and you now have to look inside to discover who you really are. This is a good way to describe how someone whom has lost a ton of weight quickly feels.

Alot of us including myself have hidden our true selves under layers of fat to protect us from the outside world getting in, and after weight loss you start to reflect and do the emotional work that needs to be done. As we start to go through those layers we may see a person whom we do not like and glad that we have changed from that old person whom we were before. The thing you have to remember is that we have come along way and made many big changes to get to where we are now, and dealing with the question of “Who Am I Now That I’ve Lost All This Weight?” will come to us soon enough. It is just another challenge we or hurdle we must overcome in this journey.

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