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Tis The Season To Gain Weight |

Tis The Season To Gain Weight

index Admit we have all been there, you know that the Holidays are fast approaching and along with the Holidays comes all the yummy homemade food we wait all year to have. But the hard truth is that an average person will gain 3-4 pounds during the Thankstgiving and Christmas Holidays from overeating and not getting in enough excercise, but for an obese person we an pack as much as 8 pds during this time. Due to this fact we have to be so mindful of our mindless eating that we tend to do.

The most important thing to remember is that YOU and ONLY YOU can control that fork, and YOU and only you can derail your weight loss journey by going overboard during the Holidays. While you don’t want to deprive yourself of your favorites over the Holiday season, the most important thing is trying to find a healthy balance between enjoying your favorites and not going overboard.  The Holidays have had me thinking for months on how I should eat and still stay on track, and I figured I would share some of the information that I have found and plan on using myself over the Christmas season.

#1 Get your Protein in First and Foremost:

As we all know as WLS patients the most important thing in our lives is getting in enough daily protein in, and to get your protein from real food and not shakes or supplements. Protein will help you feel full and help you from snacking on those sugary treats like cookies and candies. It is proven that if you are getting in your daily protein that your sugary cravings subside which help you snack and eat healthier options instead of reaching for those sugar cookies or other sugary snack items.

#2 Enjoy Your Favorites Without Guilt and Shame:

Holidays are a fun time to spend with your friends and family and part of that is sharing and eating your favorite dishes that they made. The most important thing is to NOT deprive yourself of your favorite items, but instead to watch your portion control. If you want your favorites allow yourself to endulge but to do so in small amounts so that you do not leave the table feeling guilty and feeling that a failure.

#3 Avoid Drinking too much liquid during your meals:

As most WLS patients know it is hard to get through a meal without having a sip or two here and there of liquid, but gulping or drinking too much liquid during your meals will wash away your food too quickly and will leave you feeling hungry again, which will start the viscious circle of overeating. So try to wait at least 30 minutes after your meal to enjoy a full glass of your favorite liquid beverage.

#4 Make Mindful Choices from your Favorites:

Look at the buffet of food laid out before you and make wise choices on which ones you want to eat or try. Another words if you would like some mashed potatoes but maybe there are several potato dishes available look them over and choose only one dish, your favorite one and then only have a small portion. You do not have to try every dish, only pick and choose your most favorite dishes and then keep your serving sizes small.


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