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The Truth About Losing Weight Quickly |

The Truth About Losing Weight Quickly

n-WEIGHT-LOSS-large570 One of the things you may not consider when you are deciding on having weight loss surgery is the unspoken and unfun truth of losing weight so quickly, and that is the lose sagging skin. While at this moment as I write this I am NOT ashamed or embarrassed about this yet, it does worry me that when I start to date again that this could bother a possible new man in my life. Within two months of my surgery I was seeing my weight loss a little bit in my face, and I noticed that one day as I got out of the shower and lifted my arms to brush my hair that I all of sudden I had sagging underarms.

This came on pretty suddenly and what is kind of funny is that my right arms sags more than my left arm. The other thing I noticed is that while I lost my second chin I do have slight sagging underneath my neck, but I am currently doing exercises to try and tighten that up. Also one of my most troubled areas was my stomach and I have lost half of it at this point, and I am starting to see stretch marks and sagging there as well.

This is a common thing especially if you were very overweight like myself, while doing exercises will help some to tighten, it will NOT help with the sagging skin and this is something you have to able to live with unless you can afford plastic surgery out of pocket. Because most insurance companies will not cover plastic surgery to remove the excess skin. So I beg of you to please do your research before you have surgery like I did, and understand while you will feel amazing, can you live with the sagging skin that will come along with rapid weight loss. Obviously for me the answer was YES, anything was better than how I felt before.

You will also notice that while you are losing weight that finding clothes that fit you can also be difficult due to the sagging skin issues. This is a serious problem that will throw alot of people into fits of dark and deep depression, the reason I tell you this is not to scare you, but to educate you. You need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into before making such a life changing decision as having a form of weight loss surgery. But to me the benefits far out weighs the excess skin that I will eventually have.



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