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Oh The Sadness Of Hairloss Begins |

Oh the sadness of hairloss begins

images So as many of you know I took months of research before I underwent my gastric bypass surgery and one of the things I knew would come, but I secretly feared was the hair loss. We were told to expect this to happen around the third month after surgery, and just on cue that is exactly when my hair loss started. I have to admit it has been hard to keep and upbeat personality when every time I style or wash my hair I am left with a handful of my red hair on the counters or in my drain or in my hand. But if I am being realistic, I still would not change my outcome because I feel so much better than I have ever before.

As I showed a photo recently of my hair loss alot of my friends whom are contemplating having surgery themselves were worried about the hair loss issue so I figured I would share and explain why we all experience hair loss after surgery. This is a very common symptom and a stressful one to have to endure after surgery, and most people will start to experience this around the 3rd or 4th month after your surgery.

No one wants to lose their hair especially just as you are starting to feel good about yourself, then to have to deal with hair loss especially in woman can be simply devastating. This stage normally will last around 4-6 months long, but the good news is that once your hair comes back it is usually healthier and fuller than before your surgery. So there is a light at the end of this very dark tunnel we have to endure. So below are some of the reasons why we experience hair loss after surgery.

  • Surgery with anstethia
  • Protein and iron deficiencies
  • changes in our hormone levels
  • Significant weight loss in a fast time period

Basically when you are new after having surgery it is very hard for you to get the minimum amount of protein needed for your body, and due to this and the fact you are having significant weight loss quickly it interrupts your hair growth cycle and will result in loss of hair. This is a temporary problem that will go away once you able to start stabilizing your eating patterns and to start getting enough iron and protein into your diet. As most people know after surgery we are very restricted on what we can eat, mainly sources of meat which are awesome sources of protein most of us cannot start eating until our 3rd to 6th month which really hurts us when we are trying to get daily protein requirements in. While their other ways of supplementing our diets as with protein shakes, or dairy items or nuts it may still be hard to get the daily protein in.

Another thing that might help is by taking the vitamin supplement Biotin each day it is recommended that you take 2 pills or 5000 mg per day to help in regrowing of your hair, this is something I have taken since a week after surgery in hopes that it will help minimize my hair loss.

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