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The Year Of Angie Is Coming To And End |

The Year of Angie is Coming to and End

10703858_10203761917582675_9066521098317990402_n So I started this blog at the beginning of my weight loss journey and as the year of Angie comes to and end soon I have been reflecting on how far I have come in a year. It sometimes just amazes me what a happier, and healthier person I am, and how many special new friends I have touched and met. This has honestly been the best year of my life, because for the first time in my life I put ME first and it has paid off in spades.

Beginning of my weight loss journey in Feb 2014

Beginning of my weight loss journey in Feb 2014

I get told all the time from friends online and in person what an inspiration I am to others, and the truth is I have met so many amazing people through this journey that have inspired and touched me in so many ways. Exactly a year ago I was a woman who felt like she was going to die on a daily basis, I can remember going to bed at night and making a silent prayer that God would allow me to live one more day longer. Also I remember feeling like I simply was not worth happiness, or that I deserved to be healthy and happy.

For years I let the negative comments and things my Mother (Pam) say to me as a child effect me, and then later on in life my ex-husband. Living with a verbally and physically abusive husband defiantly took its toll on my outlook and opinion of myself for too long, and as much as it would be easy to blame him for my low self esteem and weight gain, I have to take responsibility for own actions over our 23 year marriage. But to reach the point in life where I can proudly look at myself in the mirror and say “I am worth being happy and healthy” and “No longer will I allow ANYONE to tell me I am worthless amongst other awful things again”.

The thing I have learned the most about myself over the last year is what a strong woman I am. I started on this journey alone and I can remember for months when I could not walk on a treadmill for more than 3 and half minutes without being out of breath and now I am doing 5K’s, and can sit on the treadmill for up to 4 miles at a time, I work out regularly and love it now!

10377432_10203900833455485_8538201548449686675_n The best way I can describe this year is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, because that is honestly how I feel. For the first time in over 23 years I have self confidence and can look in the mirror and LOVE MYSELF. Something us woman tend to struggle with as we tend to be our own worst critics of ourselves. Between being hard on our selves about our parenting, cooking, weight etc. Lately when I see an overweight person struggling like I did just to walk through my store, I want to reach out to them and share my story and tell them there is HOPE if you want it. My ultimate goal in life would be to reach as many overweight people as possible and tell them I have been there, I know your struggles there is HOPE. I don’t want people to ever be where I was at, I want them to feel ultimate joy and happiness I feel now, and the PRIDE that I have in myself it is the most magical gift that you can give yourself.

So as I am reflecting over the last year I was going to make a list of my hurrdles I have overcame this year, and all of my accomplishments I have achieved in the Year of Angie. But first I wanted to thank you my friends for all their support both online and in person I never knew how many friends I had until I started on this journey and you guys have been amazing!

  • Things I have accomplished this year:
  • Participated in and finished several 5Ks
  • Was able to go from walking 3 minutes on a treadmill to 4 miles!!!!
  • Went from being a scared woman who would lock herself away in her home, to be a social butterfly as my friends say
  • Overcame my fear and intimidation of going to the gym by myself to being confident in working out alone and LOVING IT
  • Overcame my fear of being alone, to be being happy in my own skin and being fine with being alone
  • Went from having to have my car seat pulled all the way back to the my size to having my car seat almost pulled completely forward due to all the weight loss
  • Went to see a concert for the first time Rascal Flatts because I was able to stand, dance and walk and have a blast
  • Checked off going to the zoo for the first time in ten years off my bucket list
  • Went on a cruise in Jamaica and danced my ASS off and met so many new people and had a blast
  • GAINED self confidence
  • Able to sit in a booth in a restaurant sounds silly but when you are so overweight you always have to think can I fit into a booth and most times  the answer is NO
  • Conquered Zumba and LOVED IT
  • Conquered Pilates and LOVED IT
  • Rode a bicycle for the first time in years
  • Able to buy AWESOME cute boots that actually go over my calves lol
  • Got to go hiking and loved it!!



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