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Great Tips For Staying Hydrayted After Gastric Bypass Surgery |

Great Tips For Staying Hydrayted After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Fruit-water-2 So after gastric bypass surgery you are told to get in at least 64 ounces of liquid preferably water is best and zero calories! But 64 ounces does not sound like a lot to most people but to weight loss patients that is a ALOT of liquid to get in on a daily basis. So below are some tips to help you get your daily liquids in and stay hydrated.

  1. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go! Those that know me know that in my car at anyone time  there could be 3-4 water bottles lying around lol Because I always try to keep one close to me at all times as a visual reminder to DRINK DRINK DRINK.
  2. If you work try putting up a sticky note with a simple reminder to DRINK it is a good visual way to remind yourself when you are busy to get your fluids in. I am a cashier at Walmart and I always bring the largest water bottle with me at keep it at my register so I stay hydrated all day long.
  3. Even if you were not a big water drinker before you can buy things like MIO to put in your water so it is  not boring and adds some flavor! Try to get the zero calorie flavors
  4. There are great apps you can add to your phones to help you keep an eye on how much fluid you are consuming on a daily basis so you are always hitting your target
  5. Use fruit infused waters if you crave some flavor! I love cucumber and mint, lemon and lime and strawberry and mint as my favorites
  6. Most importantly NO matter how thirsty you are NEVER and I repeat NEVER ever gulp your water. It hurts incredibly bad in your new pouch always take frequent small sips of your water or fluids you are drinking and do not use straws
  7. Drink an 8 ounce of water as soon as you get up, not only does it help you wake up but it also helps you to feel awesome and a great way to start off your day
  8. If your urine is dark in color that is the first signal you are NOT getting enough fluids in so be mindful when you are going to bathroom your urine will be very light in color if you are getting enough hydration in.
  9. After surgery you may notice your taste buds have changed so it is important to find a brand of water that taste good to you and try to stick with that brand to help ensure you will drink your water



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