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The Ugly Truth About Being Obese |

The Ugly Truth About Being Obese

MotorCart So normally on my blog I try very hard to keep my blog lighthearted and inspirational but today I figured I would share some cold hard facts about being obese. While these facts might embarrass me they are the truth and if you are obese too I am sure some of these apply to you. What triggered this post was I had a overweight customer come into my line last night and as she entered she was apologizing because the motorized shopping cart she was using was starting to have its battery wear down. With no other people in line I told her to not worry about it we were in no hurry. Shortly afterwards her asshole husband showed up and decided that last night was the perfect time to humilate his wife in public. He was calling her fat ass and yelling at her because their shopping trip had taken so long, if only she had been able to walk they would of gotten done faster. At that moment she quietly called him an ass and he said Yes maybe I am an ass.

Then as she started putting her food up on the belt he started taking off her snacks and telling me to take them that her fat ass didn’t need them. After bagging their order I was able to share my story and journey with her in hopes that she would get the courage to leave that asshole. But as this story has been running in my mind the last twelve hours it has just made me madder and madder.

As an obese person I cannot tell you how many times I have felt those disapproving stares from strangers, or been in Walmart or some other store and heard people calling me fat and ugly behind my back like I was deaf and could not hear them. The one thing this journey has done for me is make me have an overwhelming amount of compassion for ANYONE who is struggling with their weight. My motto is for every excess pound they are carrying that was put on by an overwhelming amount of pain, and you should have compassion and not judge.

And this got me to thinking how much my life has changed and all those things that I was unable to do for myself,  most of this things may come as a shocker to my family and friends but it is the truth. So here is my list of things I could NOT do or had problems with as an obese person.

  1. Keeping myself clean as an obese person you sweat all the time and especially in those fat folds and it is hard to keep it clean.
  2. Wiping my own butt because with your stomach being so big it is hard to reach around which made it hard to keep clean.
  3. Incontinence I would often have times where I would laugh or cough and have problem holding my urine luckily this has gone since losing weight.
  4. Walking to mail box often times I would be so out of breath just walking to the mailbox I would have to rest before walking back to my house.
  5. Grocery shopping this was a nightmare I would park as close to the front of the doors even if it meant circling the parking lot for twenty minutes, then I would walk out sweaty and out of breath and god forbid if I didnt have a cart to use to prop myself up I could not walk the store without a cart.
  6. Could not ride rollar coasters or most rides when going to Six Flags would have to watch my kids enjoy themselves as I waited on the sidelines! Going to change that next spring!!
  7. NO trendy or modern clothing they only make moo moo’s and ugly outfits or in my opinion they take the cheapest most bold patterns to make ugly plus size clothing for us.
  8. Can no longer where pants with buttons or zippers all my pants had to be elastic waist band for comfort.
  9. Cant cross your legs comfortably due to size of my stomach and fat rolls on thighs.
  10. Cant sleep without a CPAP because your develop sleep apnea where you stop breathing throughout the night. ( Mine is almost done with YEAH)
  11. Being able to walk stairs this one I still have a hard time with lol My knees hurt alot
  12. Being able to put the steering wheel down to the lowest setting, or having to push your car seat back to accommodate your size
  13. Having to choose a car based on your stomach or fat
  14. Fly on a airplane without a seat belt extender or extra seat. I actually conquered this last month on the way to Bahamas and I was so proud!!!!
  15. NO sex drive this is a big one! When you feel overweight and nasty the last thing you want is SEX lol
  16. Not wanting pictures taken of yourself because it makes you sick when you see them.
  17. Be able to wear shorts or dresses and feel confident
  18. Wear high heels this is the next item on my bucket lists lol
  19. Sitting in a booth at a restaurant I just now able to do this one! But I would have to plan out our meals out by which restaurant had tables with chairs and booths

These are just a small handful of things I was unable to do at 100 pds heavier. The next time you see an obese person out in public, instead of automatically judging them reach deep down inside your heart and find compassion. Obese people are some of the saddest people in the world living in a world of hurt constantly and then having to deal with the ridicule and judgement of others on a daily basis!

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