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Rewarding Yourself Without Using Food |

Rewarding Yourself Without Using Food

667x150-EX-wk10-AB-reward-yourself-blog-headerr Let’s be honest prior to surgery every time we had a good day or wanted to celebrate something what was the first thing we would do? Either go to our favorite restaurant or buy our favorite unhealthy snack foods and celebrate! But with our new lives we have to take time to celebrate our victories in a much healthier way and we can no longer use food to make us happy anymore. So I have compiled a list of great ways you can celebrate yourself and your victories without having to use food as your reward.

  • Get a new hair cut or color. Nothing makes you feel better than a new do! As most people know I went from having very long curly brunette hair to fire engine red short hair. Makes me stand out in a good way and I get so many compliments on my hair now I love it!
  • If you have a hobby reward yourself with new materials or things to enjoy your hobby such as crafting, scrapbooking etc
  • Reward yourself with some costume jewelry! There is nothing more fun than dressing up a outfit with some cute CHEAP jewerly! Hit up your local dollar stores or thrift shops and find something that speaks to you!
  • Buy yourself a new outfit! If you cannot afford a new new outfit then go thrift shopping with friends and get a new to you outfit that makes you feel fabulous
  • Instead of a dinner date with your other half instead take a walk in the park, or watch a movie at home with a healthy snack, or go work out together.
  • Get your nails or toes done! There is nothing that makes me feel better than getting my nails done and if I can afford my piggies too! Makes me feel like a whole new woman!
  • Get a facial
  • Get a massage I am not here yet but maybe you will enjoy it lol
  • take in a concert or show or go to the movie theater
  • Take a nice long bubble bath while reading your favorite book
  • Subscribe to a magazine you have been wanting and set time each month to really enjoy your magazine
  • Start something new like ballroom dancing, zumba, or something that is physical but yet FUN
  • See your local area and explore! Thanks to my friend Melanie I have been really enjoying walking in our downtown area and enjoying the shops and areas to explore
  • Have a girls night out anything from clubbing, to going out for drinks to excercising together or seeing a movie
  • Enjoy a great walk in your local park
  • Redecorate your house! Even if you cant afford new items you can rearrange and declutter your house to make it feel awesome

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