Update on my weight loss and surgery

10369969_10202770866657750_2428121337807429569_n So it has been almost two months since my surgery can you believe it? While it has been a huge challenge eating I don’t regret anything! Currently the issues I am having is the food I am suppose to be able to eat I can’t, I have a sensitive pouch as they say. I also have a real serious problem with frothing, if you are not familiar with that usually after two or three bites of food I will feel like I need to either throw up or sit there in agony. My choice of course is to throw up, and I am ashamed to admit that I am quite the expert at throwing up at this point and pray that this will pass.

I have gotten into the habit of only three bites max of anything new to see how it will settle in my pouch I can usually tell within 10 minutes whether it will stay down or come back up. Unfortunatly during my cruise to the Bahamas last week more things were coming up then staying down lol. So I am back on eating my safe foods right now such as oatmeal, malt o meal, some soups, cheese slices, cottage cheese, protein shakes (YUCK), and greek yogurt. I figure I would rather eat safe foods for now that I know will stay down then to eat new things I should be able to eat and only find out ten minutes later that I cannot tolerate them.

Within a month I will have another appointment with my surgeon and will be discussing with them the issues I am. As to my weight loss thus far I am pretty pleased with my progress. So on the day of surgery I weighed 283 pounds and at that point I had already lost 43 pounds. My current weight is 238 so that is an additional 45 pds in only two months so I will take that as a HUGE progress. In 13 more pounds I will have lost 100 pds total and to me that is amazing!

The best part is when I am out in public and someone who hasnt seen me in awhile comes up to me and gasp at how much weight I have lost. Sadly I really don’t see a huge diffrence yet which I am told is completely normal. I do see that my stomach is getting smaller, and now I can see my collar bones and am I losing my double chin! YEAH! I will update everyone on my amazing cruise to the Bahamas tonight!


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