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Brrr It’s Cold-a Side Effect Of Rapid Weight Loss |

Brrr it’s cold-a side effect of rapid weight loss


So luckily my good friends who have had weight loss surgery warned me that afterwards I would find myself cold all the time, boy were they right. During the daytime I tend to bundle up in my favorite hoodies and thick socks and sweat pants just to get warm and this is just the fall, I can’t imagine how cold I will be in the wintertime. So I got to thinking why would rapid weight loss after surgery cause me to be cold?

The basic answer is that your fat was a insulator for your body, if you think about it when we are at our heaviest we tend to be hot all the time because we all that layers of fat keeping us warm. So when we begin to shed those pounds we are losing our lovely insulation which results in us being colder faster than ever before. One thing I have noticed is that when I get cold it is like down to my bones, and I am literally shivering until I get under blankets or take a a nice hot shower to warm me up. There are even times I swear my nose is freezing and people can see it, that is how cold I get right now lol.

So if you are a person whom is overweight and you were like me where you are constantly hot, be warned that loosing alot of weight will make you cold from loosing all your comfy insulation.  When researching on the internet about other people whom have had gastric bypass and are now cold I came across a great article and below is a great explanation on why we go through this.

People who experience the massive weight loss associated with weight loss surgery experience feeling cold for two reasons: loss of insulation and less energy generation.

Fat is a highly efficient insulator. Consider animals native to cold climates: for example sea lions and polar bears. They are loaded with insulation and thrive in cold climates. When gastric bypass patients follow the rules: eating protein and exercising, the weight lost can only come from fat or stored energy. In effect you are losing your insulation. Less insulation increases the likelihood that you will feel cold.

From everything I have read they say if your body starts to shiver to let it shiver because that is moving your muscles and will actually warm up your body. Also once you reach your goal weight after awhile your body should start to stabilize and you should not get as cold as you do now. So good news on the horizon, now just need to get to my ideal weight. In the meantime I am hopping off hear and putting on my thick socks and getting ready to hop into bed to watch some TV and get warm. Night all.


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