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My Daily Diet After Surgery |

My daily diet after surgery


So I get asked alot what kind of foods are you eating on a daily basis now since surgery. As I have stated before there is a list of things I can add to my diet each week and starting tomorrow I will be starting week 6 and I have two more weeks of this limited diet. But for now my pouch or my new tummy is very sensitive, I still tend to throw up alot so I deal with my pouch like it is a baby just take things very slowly. Right now below is a list of things I am able to eat and then below I will show you a example of what I eat daily.

Things I can eat now:

Eggs (these are still hard on my pouch, Sugar free drinks, sugar free applesauce and pudding and ice cream, cottage cheese, regular cheese usually eat string cheese sticks, oatmeal, malt o meal, chilli without meat, milk, yogurt I prefer greek to get my protein in, thin shaved lunch meat, mashed potatoes I add cheese to these to get more protein, soups without beef, protein shakes, soft veggies, lettuce.

Typical meal this is from Monday;

Breakfast: Silk Milk, greek yogurt total protein was 18 grams

Lunch: Two colby cheese slices, two ounces of turkey total protein was 18 grams

Dinner: Protein Shake total protein was 30 grams of protein once I added silk milk



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