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Depression After Gastric Bypass Surgery |

Depression After Gastric Bypass Surgery


If you have been a victim of depression then you know it is a nasty and unfun time in your life. Doing my research prior to surgery I had read alot about people having depression after having gastric bypass and I have to admit I have fallen victim to that myself. Pretty much I was not losing as fast as I thought I should, and it has taken awhile to figure out why. But pretty much my calorie intake has been way to low, it is hard to eat with my sensitive pouch and then having hunger sensations does not help. So the goal for me now is to up  my calorie content from 40o to at least 800 a day, and get my daily protein intake in which is harder than it sounds when you stomach is so sensitive.

If you are thinking of having weight loss surgery please make sure you are aware of the signs of depression so you can deal with this, and not live in it and start to fall off your roller coaster and start overeating or etc. Depression following gastric bypass surgery is a very common thing, and if you are in any Facebook or online support groups you will probably hear people talking about it.

As a person who has suffered from depression my whole life I am very well educated on this subject, and it is something you should defiantly read up on before surgery. Below are some symptoms you need to watch out for if you feel you maybe getting into a depressed funk also.

  • Sadness like you cannot pull yourself out of it
  • irritability and lashing out at people for no good reason
  • feeling of dis pair or hopelessness
  • feeling like you are not worthy of this gift of surgery
  • Loss of interest in your normal fun activities
  • suicidal thoughts
  • trouble sleeping or staying up for much longer than you should
  • fatique
  • loss of appetite (remember this is a normal symptom after surgery also)
  • difficulty in concentrating

My depression hit me about three weeks after surgery, feeling like I wasn’t losing weight fast enough, or not realizing that I was only a few weeks out from surgery and it was ok. There were a few days where getting out of bed was hard because I felt like I was letting people down who were rooting for me. I was confused on why I was feeling this way because for months I had been so stoked about my surgery, but I think my constant delays in just having surgery also played a part in this. So rather than dwell in my depression which is something I would of done before I started doing online research to find out that this is very common for WLS patients. So now my choice was to sit there in my depressed state and not let this surgery work for me, or get off my ASS and start doing what I needed to lose weight and find happiness again. Another factor of the depression was eating the same bland tasting food over and over again, and stressing that I was not getting enough daily protein in. Luckily I was smart and called my dieticians and told them of my issues and got some great advice. First off they do not expect you to get all of your protein every day it is hard when you are not on a full diet yet. Second I have to increase my calorie intake because my body has been going into starvation mode due to not enough calories.

When doing my research I also found that low calorie diets can bring on depression just in itself, or increase depression symptoms in people already suffering from depression. Your diet following gastric bypass surgery is so bland and low in calories that it can make  you feel fatigued and depressed in itself so be made aware of that. Depression can be caused by inadequate levels of mood stabilizing chemicals such as serotonin, nor-epinephrine, and dopamine. These brain chemicals can be altered by nutritional deficiencies and the physical stress of recovering from a major surgery.

The best advice I can offer you is to contact your Doctor or Dieticians and let them know the problems you are having, they are there to help make this surgery a huge success for you. And they will guide you in the right direction that you should take.


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