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#‎BEseptchallenge2014-Day 11 |

#‎BEseptchallenge2014-Day 11



#BEseptchallenge2014, #BEsociety

Today’s Question:

11. 9/11 where or what were you doing when the news broke all those years ago?

So on this day I was running a licensed home daycare and my parents were in the process of dropping of kids at the time. When I saw on the Today Show that the first plane hit the first tower. And one of the Dads was there and as we were watching TV we saw the second plane hit the second tower and I remember my knees got weak and I almost fell to the ground. My first thought was that we live close to a very important Air Force Base and it made me wonder if we were safe, if maybe the would be attacking important bases. Then my first thought was I want my kids home with me now! My neighbor felt the same way and she went to the school and got her kids and mine and we just sat with our kids, and the daycare kids and were glued to the TV all day crying and mourning for those families.

That night when my husband got home we actually BBQ outside with our neighbors and put our TV on our porch so we could sit there and watch everything. And I remember there was four of us adults on the patio and I don’t think we barely talked that whole night we were glued to the TV just sitting there crying and was just horrified.

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