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Update On My First Month Since Surgery |

Update on my first month since surgery

10441077_10203241421770605_8992156650053656962_n So I realize I have been neglectful by not updating my blog with a current update, but on that same note it has not been as easy month by any means. So starting from the beginning the first week was rough, between being sore and always been filled with gas from the surgery it was not a fun one. However I have to admit the pain was so minimal compared to what I was expecting I was back to working out within a week. The worst part of the few days home after surgery is being filled with gas, which they recommend that you walk it off and that does help. However I had no energy what so ever, but once I went to my one week checkup and got my B12 shot I felt like a million bucks, gave me tons of energy.

The staples I had in my stomach were not painful at all, the most annoying part was that they tended to catch on my clothing and towards the end of the week were getting itchy and dry. But I never had any pain from my incision site, however since the moment I woke up from surgery I have been plagued with horrible back pain that still exists to today. Through research I have discovered this is a common symptom of those whom have lost alot of weight, pretty much your organs and fat are redistributing to other areas and this can cause back pain. This back pain is something I fear I will only be able to conquer with the help of a chiropractor.

The first week you are home you are on a liquid diet just like prior to your surgery, and while this might sound awful to continue the honest to goodness truth is you are never hungry. There was days and still are days that I have to remind myself to eat and drink. During this week I had no issues at all, just ate maybe 2-3 ounces at a time whether it was food or drink. After your first week you are able to add more hearty foods such as sugar free applesauce and pudding and yogurt, I chose greek yogurt to help increase my protein levels. During this week I also had no issues at all just ate very slow, and I would eat 4-5 times a day to get enough in my body. By the third week you are again able to add more foods like cream of wheat, oatmeal and eggs, one warning I have on this one is to try scrambled eggs only as egg whites or deviled eggs are way to hard on your pouch as I have found out and you will probably throw up.

During this last month I have tried hard to keep my protein at least 60 but I have to be honest I have failed most days to reach that amount, which I was told yesterday by my dietician that is ok for the first month it will get easier when you can add chicken and more food. As of this week which is week 5 for me I am able to eat cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, and lean lunch meat and soups. Also during this particular period I am only eating three meals a day with no snacks usually and even eating three meals a day is hard to do, because I still do not have an appetite.

Now I mentioned above I have had a few issues the biggest one is being that I throw up or froth alot in the beginning. After researching and talking with my dieticians I think it is because due to my partials I am not able to eat alot of the foods such as scrambled eggs to an applesauce consistency and then I wound up throwing up for a little bit. The worst was two days in a row I tried soup that was blended and each time I was left throwing up for between 2-3 hours solid. It was painful and awful, so my advice to you for right after surgery is to take 2-3 bites of whatever new you are able to eat and then wait for about 15 minutes to see if stays down. Two or three bites is all it will take for your pouch to accept or reject it.

Frothing is when the food that ate gets stuck in your pouch I will not lie it almost feels like you cant breathe and might be having a mini heart attack it is painful and uncomfortable. At this point you have two choices wait for the food to go down and stay in pain and misery or be like me and become an expert at throwing up lol. The best thing I have found is to go to the bathroom and throw the food up, it is very easy to do actually and you get immediate relief. My dietician said this is very common and like I have always said this is a learning process and you will learn what works for you.

As to my weight loss this month I lost 10 pounds the first week, 9 the second week and then 5 the week after due to non eating enough and 6 the week after for a total of 30 pounds in a month not to bad. This is a learning curve for us who are use to eating fast and not chewing good, so I have to warn you that you MUST eat slowly, and chew or you will be in pain and throwing up. Learn from my bad experiences and try not to do this yourself.

My Non Scale Victories this month I was able to cross my leg for the first time in years because my stomach is shrinking, I was able to move my car seat up again, I was able to move my fitbit bracelet up again, I have lost three pairs of pants due to weight loss YeAH, today I could bend down and tie my shoes with no problems, and I can workout faster and longer with tons of energy!

As far as physical activity for the month as most people know I do not allow much to hold me back so I am sure that I have worked out alot more than I should of, but I feel awful if I am not working out and doing something to improve myself. This last Saturday I did a 5K and I actually walked 4.5 miles that day, I excercise for a minimum of 5 days a week if possible whether it is walking, gym or water aerobics I am always doing something. Here are some photos from this month!

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