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Tuesday 10 With @thebesociety -Places Around The World You’d Like To Visit |

Tuesday 10 with @thebesociety -Places around the world you’d like to visit

So every Tuesday we have a theme where you name ten things and this week it is Places around the world you’d like to visit:

  1. Egypt– I would love to see the Pyramids and I just love mummies bring on the sand!
  2. Australia– would love to go down under and see kangaroos and I would love to go to the Australia Zoo where Steve Irwin worked! lol Loved Crocodile Hunter I admit it lol
  3. London-My sister went last year and I loved her photos and I though to myself that would be one place I would love visit although not to sure if I would like the food lol
  4. Tuscani– Ok I have admit I want to visit mainly because of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun come on that is the best movie ever and the country side looks gorgeous and then wine and Italian food to boot that is a winner winner to me lol
  5. Italy-I love love Italian food and it would be nice to try authentic Italian wine and food and then see the country side and wineries
  6. Rome-Would love to see the colusem and all the architecture I loved learning about Caesar period
  7. Hawaii or Maui-I am a beach baby and I make NO secret of it lol would love to relax in the sun and maybe see a volcano or too lol
  8. Jamica– Also just because I am a beach baby and I would like to see lovely beaches
  9. New York City-This is a place I would love to visit but probably not stay long as I do not really like the hustle and bustle of the city lol But would love to see Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Brooklyn and more!
  10. San Fransico- Would love to see Alcatraz, and cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge

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